Button Hybrid

I have several 30mm sanwa screw buttons and no snap-ins. Currently, I’m modding a Hori Wii Fighting Stick for my brother with a MC Cthulhu Board and Madcatz xbox 360 common ground.

And I was wondering if anyone has used the black switch part with the Hori button shell. The black switch does fit in the Hori button.

It feels and works fine, but I was just wondering if anyone has done this? And if there are any long term problems, ie buttons sticking and/or feeling sluggish?

Two reasons why I did this:

  1. No need to grind out the tabs in the holes.
  2. I can use my spare buttons without having to order new ones.

Works fine. Feels pretty good.

Yep, it works great and does save you a bit of trouble. You can even use the plungers from the sanwas in the horis I believe for a mix of color.

I tried the Sanwa plunger with the Hori shell; it feels a bit better, but the Sanwa plunger will catch on the snap-in tabs because it is a bit shorter and slots are not as high as the Hori ones.

Thanks for your inputs.