Button Issues - 360 TE Fightstick


I’ve used my Xbox 360 Round 1 TE Fightstick on Xbox 360 and PC with little trouble for about a year and a half.

Recently I’ve had problems with the inputs for the joystick and the buttons.
For the joystick, when pressed down on the main menu it will change to the icon/title menu while in training mode there is difficulty moving down.
For the buttons (Default config), LK will input LP+LK and MK will input MP+MK.

I’ve checked my config for issues but this is not the case. The cable was the first suspect, in which I found an opening likely from wear and/or pinching. I severed the cable and sautered the wires back together. Unfortunately that did not fix the problem as the issues still continue. I’ve checked the connections from the buttons inside the stick and there does not seem to be anything wrong. There are no more marks that would suggest the cable is damaged.

A small issue has been happening for about 5-6 months, ocassionally the HK will not work and the fightstick must be replugged to fix it. Just thought I should mention it.

I’ve shot off an email to Madcatz about it, but I doubt I will be covered by warranty.
Has anyone had this issue and fixed it? If not, is it possible to replace the cable entirely?


sounds like a pcb going to shit =[… nub question… after you re-soldered the usb did you insulate the individual wires so to prevent shorting?


Yes I did insulate the wires. Well that’s kind of disappointing if I have to replace the PCB.


Have you done any modding inside your TE? or is it stock. I wouldnt give up just yet. check all the connections. look at the qd’s make sure nothing is touching that shouldnt be… if you have already looked at all that stuff and it checks out okay… then yea… best bet would be replacing the pcb.


if its any consolation, the replacement PCB’s are usually free from madcatz.


No it’s stock. I’ve only opened it once when the HK would keep going out to check the connections. I will check again.

Well that’s pretty nice.


Have you checked the area where the cable from the terminal block plugs into the main PCB? More than one TE has had issues with glue gumming things up.