Button Layout for custom stick

I am in the final stages of my first custom stick and I was wondering about common layouts for button configuration. I have 8 buttons, 2 rows of 4. I will be playing 3s, ST, KoFXI, and a variety of games on MAME. Do most people put square, triangle, R1 and R2 in the top row and X, O, L1 and L2 on the bottom? What’s the easiest configuration for plug and play? It’s been ages since I seriously played fighters and with building a stick I am finally taking the plunge into playing a little more than casually. Also sorry if this topic has popped up before, the search function keeps bring up a blank page for me, believe me I have been trying to use it the last few days.

Most sticks nowadays are

[] ^ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Thanks, I was close.

Assuming your main six action buttons are the six left-most buttons of those eight, the above setup will yield the correct (arcade-proper) default layout for nearly all PS1/PS2 SF’s and all the Tekkens, which is unsurprisingly the overwhelming preference on this website. I thiiiiink it will also give you the new-school SNK one, and a couple of other games you probably don’t care about. You’ll have to reconfigure your controls for pretty well anything else, but of course that can be said about any other setup you could pick, so it’s best to focus on the games you’ll be playing the most and use the above. Use this thread if you want hella details.

Juuust in case you weren’t planning on it, make sure you use quick disconnects if you want this to be future-proof. This should apply at any time anyway, but right now in particular with the PS3/360/SF4/SFHD situation, it’s looking a lot like something’s probably gonna give; at least one already-accepted default layout may be changed to harmonize the configurations of all of them, relative to the button arrangements on first party controllers. It would be so that a pad player (the majority) could switch between titles and consoles seamlessly without having to change anything, but it inevitably affects how we will want to wire our PCB’s.