Button layout for KOF?

whats the most convenient way to lay out the buttons on an arcade stick?
i know its all about being comfortable, but i have no clue how i should lay out my buttons.
any suggestions?

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This is a hard question to answer because it is basically like asking “what food will I like the most”?

You know you better than anyone else here. Personally I just ran the default setting from day 1 and it is like 2nd nature now. If I am not mistaken you are new to KOF (remember another thread you made or a comment in the GD or something) so you have to realize it might take you awhile to get use to any 4 button layout if you are use to other games 6 buttons/3button/whatever layouts. People just get too impatient these days imo and want it now now now.

A general tip though I would have is dont put your 2 buttons for HD activation or CD like really far away apart. But that is just common sense. The rest is just up to you, make sure to stick with 1 thing though and not bounce around all the time or it will be harder for you to get comfortable.

Yeah I just started, and KOF is the first 4 button fighter i’ve played. well, played seriously. Im using the default now and i seem to be doing okay and i might just stick with that but i was just curious as to how other people had them so i can try them out. and thank you for helping me with this post and the post before nissan. i appreciate it :slight_smile:



Those two are the most common layouts I’ve seen for KOF. It doesn’t really matter what layout you’re using, but for some characters, such as Raiden, it could help to use the latter.

So this thread has been made a million times, and the question is answered on the Wiki. Next time look around a bit before you make a new thread.

i use…


In my opinion the best layout of buttons in KOF series is
most of Chinese and Korean players used this layout eg. Dakou (yessterday),Akuma,Cheng lung and Xiaohai

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