Button layout help

My old box was ruined, so this is the new one I’m working on. It’s a mix of aluminum top and bottom plate with a red oak box.

This is using a straight 8 button layout I got from slagcoin.com.

My old stick had what slagcoin.com says is the Vewlix Button Layout, but when I look at the madcatz TE, which is suppose to be an exact replica of the vewlix panel, the joystick is much much closer to the buttons.

and as you can see, my joystick is way to close to the edge and my hand runs off when I play.

So my questions are these

is the vewlix button layout on slagcoin wrong in it’s positioning of the joystick in relation to the buttons?

is there a copy of the TE stick’s button layout, not the art work template, just the buttons?

would moving my buttons and stick hole over half an inch give me enough clearance on the left side, do you think?



and in case you are wondering, those 4 holes under the buttons are countersunk so I can screw the MC board from toodles in there.

Just take out the joystick and place your hand where you’re going to be most comfortable and take it from there.

I’d rather have the layout as close to an official layout as possible.

First off thats an American 8 button straight layout,

The Vewlix layout on slagcoin is correct, you’re looking at the Vewlix shifted where the joystick is shifted to the left.

correct. On my old stick I had the slagcoin vewlix. Which is what I said.

So the TE layout is the vewlix shifted. That’s not how the actual arcade layout is then?
I just want to make sure.

The TE layout is the standard Vewlix layout, Vewlix shifted is a modified version with the joystick shifted to the left. Slagcoin has both listed, use the standard one.

From Slagcoin.

^^thats the shifted layout, not what the TE uses

That’s the explaination I was looking for. Thank you.

If you are using sanwa screw ins, I recommend adjusting the button holes a little with a little bit of space so the nuts can fit. Move MP and MK 2mm right and HP and HK 4mm right.

Can’t go with 6 button layout?

no 6, i like 8 for the PPP and KKK.

so the TE layout is actually the one with the 7th bumper buttons on it, and madcatz just added 1 more correct?

awesome. I’ll use that. Thanks everyone.

EDIT: arrr…my wiring won’t reach the new layout. f-ing. I’m buying an over priced $187 TE from ebgames. Canada gets ripped off by it will save me from going crazy.