Button Layout?

Is there any info on the button layout for MvC3? What will the layout be like? Will it be attacks on the top row, exchange and assists on the bottom row?

L, M, H
E, A1, A2

Or will it be something like BlazBlue Type A?

M, H, E
L, A1, A2


M, H, A1
L, E, A2

why the fuck does it matter? You can change buttons layout in options…

It does matter quite a bit. We already know there are obviously commands that use multiple buttons. There needs to be a standard layout so all multiple button commands make sense are are readily available.

It’s like in SF4, you wouldn’t make a FA be performed by pressing 2 buttons, one where jab is traditionally placed and the other where roundhouse is traditionally placed.

You’re not going to play with your buttons randomly assigned anywhere. You must be a pad player to not understand the significance. Use your head sometime.

The button layout came out for the 360 controller. That’s it.

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