Button layout?


What is your preferred button layout for this game? The controls are the biggest thing that throw me for a loop in this game.

I’ve tried…


Personas as "kicks"

And of course, Marvel 3 style

But I’ve yet to settle on one because none of them feel quite “right” to me. I’m sure it’s just a matter of getting used to.



I’m new to these controls also. I just forced myself to use default.


Just run with the default layout, else you’ll be configging all day during casuals.


I just stuck to the defaults too. I wanted to use the Guilty gear style button layout, but it just made throwing and dashing awkward. Now that I’m used to them, they aren’t so bad.


I’ve actually been running



The default button layout will seem weird at first, but after a while you will get used to it.

I struggled with the button layout when I was playing Yukiko.
When I switched to Teddie, it became much easier to work with.

It may just be that I am completely unable to play Yukiko, but that may be something to think about.


After 10 - 15 minutes of play with Arcsys’ traditional Type A & B layouts, it’s clear that the default layout is designed specifically for this game(A+B, B+D, A+C and C+ D)…The only thing I found myself doing is disabling the extra shortcut buttons.


I’ve been doing marvel style:


Just feels better.


The only problem with switching from default is the challenge mode for some reason insists on displaying the button layout on the screen, but it doesn’t change from the default settings. So all the time you’re doing your trial combos, the game is showing you the incorrect layout.


That was annoying for awhile but I eventually just got over it, wish it was more like BB challenge mode where it just said the buttons ABCD instead on what they use.