Button Layouts

When I go back and look at the arcade fighting machines, the buttons are always straight across:


But almost every custom stick I see has the buttons on an angle. Is this for ergonomic purposes? Are they more efficient, or simply cooler looking?

I’m trying to design one and I’m curious as to what I should request.

Thanks in advance.

The curved or angled button layout mainly comes from Japanese arcade cabs…


And yes, a lot of people do find it more comfortable. Though you should just try out both for yourself and see which layout you prefer.

I had the DOA 4 stick, and I didn’t like it at all (the stick especially).

I think I may go with the standard straight button setup.


the idea is that the buttons are positioned to be at the end of your finger tips
lay your hand out flat and slightly seperate your fingers and it should be the same as each row in the controller.

if your dont like the stick as well, get a happ stick (the american black sticks)

The happ line is actually available in many different colors. The thing to remember here is to get a competition stick, not an ultimate. Some people rather use the P360s, which are optical, but if you like the oldschool US cab feel, go for the competition stick.

^ i know just people mostly know happs by their color and shape

Can you explain the difference between the Happs and what comes with the DOA4 stick? I really hated the clicking, and I felt the stick was WAY too loose for Street Fighter.

Would the Happs be tighter and without the clicking?

Thanks in advance.

Happs are definitely tighter and have the tension Sanwa sticks don’t have. There’s still clicking because both use microswitches unless you get a p360.

^^ Thanks, I think that’s what I’m going to go with.

BTW, I sent you a PM for an order but you seem busy. I’m probably going with another designer.

Any other opinions on sticks?


what do you mean? all your questions have been answer and if not they’re lying around somewhere.

I"m just trying to get as many opinions as possible. I’m new to this, but I’m trying to learn it quickly before I order my stick.

My builder also said that the P360 may not work on an Xbox 360 stick? Is this true?

Also, any suggestions for a tight stick without clicking? (Spinning Pile-Driver ease)

Sorry to be annoying, but I’ve read everything concerning these sticks on here and I still have questions.

perfect 360’s currently cannot be wired up to an xb360 due to grounding issues. toodles tho has made a special board that will allow you to use the p360 tho. im probably ggonna get one for a friend that refuses to use any other stick

Where can I find this toodles?

Thanks in advance.

just wait, and he’ll come.

toodles is tha man, yo

Does he make sticks?