Button light up mod question

I have a question regarding the seimitsu light up mod.

I’m thinking of getting the mod for my custom stick.
I’ve got a few seimutsus where I swapped the plungers, so I got different plunger/rim color combinations.
I got a few idea’s up my head with different rim/plunger color combinations combined with the Led mod, but I don’t know how different combinations might work out in the end.

My question is: Is it the rim that lights up, or is it the plunger?

What’s the difference between:
a completely clear button with a red led
a button with a clear rim, red plunger and a red led
a button with a red rim, clear pluner and a red led

hope you guys can help me out here

Clear Rim will have light go through.

Clear Plunger will only light circumference.