Button Macro Mapper

I noticed the premium SFIV stick has placement for Japanese and American style 6-button layout. HOWEVER, the american layout is backwards cocked, meaning you bend your right wrist to the right. YET, I like this setup because I like to play with right handed sticks, and the buttons are correctly cocked to the right for a left handed set of buttons. The only thing that will make it great is a button macro remapper, kind of like the feature in an Interact Dreamcast Alloy Stick. It was originally designed to let one button represent a series of stick and button moves. A side effect is that you can program north to be south, west to be east, and punches to be kicks and vice versa, rotate 180 degrees voila, right handed stick. The problem is a backward cock inevidable in reversing joysticks. Since the SFIV sticks for the 360 and PS3, and the Hori stick for Wii have the correct backwards cock when reverse is a right forward cock, I was wondering if someone can make a macro mapper for the 3 systems, as well as make USB-to-DC,XB,GC,SS,PS2/1,N64, and previous systems all the way to the 2600 for said joystick? It’s tough finding a right handed joystick.

you mean left handed joystick… and i dont understand anything you just asked. are you asking for a stick that is left handed and a pcb for the joystick to be on alot of consoles? i would recommend contacting a stick builder(be ready to spend like 200$) for a stick and get a UPCB from toodles.