Button Mapping for Focus?

I was curious if the players out there who use fight sticks bind their Focus to a button? I’m having troubles executing Focus dash cancels hitting MP+MK.

If you do map focus, what button is it? Do you replace PPP or KKK depending on what character you’re using?

Thanks in advance. <3

If you’re new to the stick and you’re having trouble doing some execution stuff. Just keep at it

My advice: Do everything that you’re having a hard time with extremely slowly – this will allow your mind to be aware of all the things that need to take place.

Of course your speed should increase as you get more comfortable. If it takes 5 minutes to learn or 5 weeks to learn, keep at it… the standard mapping is tried and true

6 buttons is all you need
lp mp hp
lk mk hk

in some tournaments KKK and PPP are banned but it’s not big deal really go for the classic 6 buttons layout

If you ever intend to get involved in tournament play, work with 6 buttons only. If you’re just going to be playing casuals and with buddies/online/etc then do what feels best for you because it won’t matter in the long run because you won’t be slapped with competition rules.

Practice in training mode.

Can’t take the easy way out all the time.

I think it will seem easier in the short run to use a button for focus but in the long run it’s easier to just use the two buttons. Think how much easier it is to keep five fingers hovering over six buttons compared to five fingers hovering over eight.

Cabinets aren’t going to have the extra buttons and not everyone has a stick with the extra buttons either. Hit training mode.