Button Masher Tournament - SSFIV, T6, BB:CS, MvC2 - Colonial Heights, VA


Button Masher Fighting Game Tournament
Sat. October 16th @ 12P - ?
Hampton Inn near Southpark Mall and American Family Fitness

Venue fee $10
Each tournament $10
(half off venue fee w/ preregister!)

CASH prize for Tournament Champions :woot:
Fighting game tournament
Double elimination
Bring your own stick
More games may be added

To preregister please email acey.booker@gmail.com and include your name (+alias), games you will enter, and the name of any spectators who will be with you.

Thanks! Hope to see you there!


I don’t use the forums much so please email me or DM BeatFace22. He’s one of the people involved in making sure the tournament runs smoothly.


What system will be available?