Button Mashing Links

Hello all,

I’m a pretty scrubby SFIV player, and the one thing that keeps me from becoming a “good” player is that I button mash the crap out of my links. I don’t double tap…I triple, quadruple, and quintuple tap. I press buttons like a mo fo, and this habit of mine keeps me from getting better. When I watch videos of pros playing I notice that all of them are very deliberate with their button presses, and rarely “mash”.

My question is how can I break this mashing habit? Has anyone else had this issue and overcome it? If so, how?

I still find myself mashing under pressure, but going into training mode and breaking down combos into pieces has really helped me out. Instead of trying to mash out a whole combo I do the first 3 moves until I can get it without unnecessary button presses, if I can’t do 3 I go back to the first two so and so forth. Patience and practicing the right way is the best advice I can give, I’m still very much a nub; but training my hands to do the links efficiently has helped, you start to figure out when to hit the links.

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