button mashing


ima a button masher how do i stop? i dont do it all the time but i might be stuck in a corner and i start mashing to dragon punch my way out…HELP

P.S i’ve been playin on se sticks for a month


Just stop doing it. Block till you can safely throw out a reversal, then do.

There’s about as little to not mashing as there is to mashing… it’s just superior since you won’t whiff as many random moves to get punished for.


its not that simple if your new to the game like me but i’ll try…thanks!


yeah it is

when you think of mashing buttons - block instead

its not that hard

its a concious effort you need to put forward, its in your head, you constantly need to be thinking, thats what separates good players from shitty ones

think to yourself - is mashing right now the best answer to whats going on?

i can tell you that almost all of the time the answer is going to be no


thats a good point i dont know why i do it, like for example when u jump heavy kick into crouch heavy kick i end up pressing heavy kick like 15 times


if you dont know exactly why you’re pressing a button, don’t press it

before i do something i try to think of the following:

what will they do if i press this button

how is this move beneficial

what is it going to set up

what is it going to prevent the other person from doing

is my attack going to hit? or is it simply going to do nothing and take up space, is it a fient? is it going to wfiff so to bait something?

most importantly what will happen if i dont press it


a lot of new players mash because they panic and they panic because they’re not familiar/comfortable with the game yet. with experience you’ll gain comfort and stop mashing. gotta take things slow and actually think before you doing things.

imo the basic reasoning as to why people mash is because they naturally think “the faster i press the button, the faster and harder the move will come out”. and by “think” i don’t mean logically think it out, but rather it is “hardwired” into their instincts. sorry, but street fighter hasn’t worked that way since the original sf with those goofy analog punching bag buttons. you have to train yourself out of those bad habits.


Pretty much, it is just like breaking any bad habit and that is what mashing becomes when you first start the game. It does become hardwired like a lot of other bad habits in SSF4 that develop when you are first learning the game, and you have to put some active mental force into breaking them.


Watch the characters closely and look for when you’re out of block stun (he’ll lower his arms) and do the dragon punch just ONE TIME (if you really want to do it)

You mash it because you have no idea where the openings are. You have to watch cloesly for them.


thanks to everyone im new to this game aswell as this site im liking both the game and the site and i hope to inpove based on the tips givin to me thanks again


I can tell you from experience i mash…often. This stems from the fact that I only recently discovered where I could play people in person (arcades) so I was always online. And what happens online? Dropped inputs. Lag or not half of the time the combos I’d time perfectly offline in the training room REFUSED to come out online, so I end up mashing…a lot. Actually I mash more when using a stick than with a pad. It just seems so much easier to mash right?


I can tell YOU from experience that when I was first learning, online was severely detrimental to the learning process.

I would spend all this time training and then I couldn’t do any of it online… turns out it was lag and I was thinking it was me.

Play offline, learn to stop mashing then venture back to the cess pool of online.


your tellin me ive been practicing and it works for a bit to just block and be patient but sometimes both the health bars are almost down and u wanna pull out a tiger knee crush into a super u just mash that MK and wiggle the stick until it comes out which it usually does for me but when i look at the battle log i see the mk just flying down the screen…for me it takes away from the win


On a side note, jump hard kick to down hard kick is almost never the best idea.


i know but thats another noob habit i have


You actually just listed two problems.

  1. “Its better to lose thinking than to win mashing” losing when you know exactly what you did gives you something to work on. Losing when you mash doesn’t give you any kind of feedback, hell winning when you’re mashing doesn’t give you any usable info on how to improve your game. If you aren’t doing it on purpose DON’T DO IT, even if it costs you the win. If you’re trapped in the corner, block until you figure out what to do. Stop letting the situation beat you into thinking you can’t deal with it using your own skill.

  2. Everything in the quoted area just stop doing, you’re training yourself to beat scrubs. It will get you wins in the short term but by the time you start playing people that that won’t work on it will have become a bad habit that is hard for you to shake just like the mashing is now.


dont use sagats super either lol


why not???


it does ass damage and his ex moves/fadc’s are much better ways to spend meter

some characters (balrog/chun/fei for example) have good, useful supers that either do a lot of damage, have a really fast start up or have invincibility that makes them worth not spending ex meter on

sagat doesn’t


ok i’ll keep that in mind when im playin now…thanks again