Button Mashing


Hey guys,

I can execute combos and all that in the training room, but as soon as i get into a match, i revert back to button mashing…

Did anyone else have this problem when starting sfiv? Any suggestions?



Yes, there are two things you need to do (at least). These are a good start in overcoming mashing:

  1. Play more training mode and offline. If the majority of your play is online, your mashing will become conditioned. Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes PERMANENT. When you play online and mash, you are practicing playing badly.

Solution: Institute a new rule - For every hour of online play you do, do two hours of training mode.

  1. When you catch yourself mashing online, take a deep breath and calm down. Remember ONLINE IS JUST SHITTY PRACTICE NOTHING MORE. Wins/losses online mean NOTHING. There is NO REASON TO GET EXCITED AND MASH!!! When you catch yourself mashing, mentally give yourself a smack in the face and remind yourself to slow down and do it right.

Bottom line: Your play in matches will revert to the WORST aspects of your training. That is why its absolutely critical to train well, train often, and make sure your hands know the combos PROPERLY, better than they know them mashing.

EDIT: I’m going to respectfully disagree with Puma. Playing against the CPU is bad. The CPU does NOT play like a human and it will condition you incorrectly…the CPU can react in ways that no human can and that will negatively affect your gameplay. Instead, program the opponent in training mode to do certain sequences on loop and work on figuring out what will defeat them.


Are you mashing in a given situation or with a given move? Say SRK mash on wakeup or doing 10 qcf+p to execute 3 Rekkas with Fei, or maybe just panicking and mashing lp when an opponent gets close. The lag online will screw you up for sure.

Are you new to SF in general or just SF4? I’d guess the first. Try limiting yourself to a few characters and a few combos at first until you get a good grasp of the mechanics and timing of the game. Playing against a live opponent that is better than you is one of the best ways to learn. I boot up ST2HD every now and again to clean up my execution, that might help too as it is far less forgiving and helps foster better habits.


Yeah the AI can do stuff like … Ultra’ing you the sec you do a crounching Medium kick with Ryu … because the computer can react to what a human can’t react but only guess.The ai won’t do combo on you or cross you up.The Ai will just have inhuman reflex.
The Ai will register your button input and counter it the best it can.A human can’t do that(Only the Ai Gouki do combo really)

The best way it’s to mimic human play in training mode.

You’re mashing because it’s not coming out when you want it to come out.So for the move to come out you mash…The impact it will have…You will for instance , shoryuken too late and be exposed to punishement.
You need to feel comfortable.Alas remember . That perfection does not exist and even the best player miss combo.Execution it’s important … But there’s more than execution to win a match.Even if you have perfect execution(which no one has)…A gouki that turtle you with fireball can still defeat you if you have poor fundemental.

ANyway i’m tired of theory … Just practice and practice.


Anyway … Here’s some kind of training i do…

It’s might look stupid … It’s might look retarded … But for me it’s worked and helped me.
I main Sagat … So one of his basic BnB combo it’s c lk c lk c lk xx Tiger uppercut…

So i go in training mode …and one mistake i always did was … if i missed one string and he blocked it … i would mash anyway the uppercut and be exposed to punishement.I would not tick Throw or anything .

So i went in training mode and set the block to combo only.I practice until each time i whiffed a string or he blocked (Alternate blocking set or combo) i would go for a tick throw.I trained this .Until it’s become natural for me…

That how i train … That goes for every Sagat situation … Until you master every aspect of your character,

Also when you train.Don’t use the sf4 training music … Use your own … It’s help


Best advice ever. If everyone remembers that, then the ragequit and hatemail threads won’t exist. But I guess that also means two less sources of entertainment during my work day.


It’s a problem that everyone starts out with. You’ll get past it with practice. Just keep playing and spend some more time in the training room.

Don’t get discouraged. :slight_smile:


You justh ave to play with people more offline. If you play online too much, you’ll resort back to mashing is what I’ve noticed.


I think people tend to button mash when playing online because of the lag. The lag isn’t really huge, but it’s something that you’ll notice right away if you’ve ever played people in person, or at an arcade. I’ve started showing up to local “Fight Clubs” that I’ve found through the regional matchmaking boards here on SRK, and I find playing other people, and seeing how cool and calm they react, helps me to keep from button mashing.


yes, i’m sure a lot of people do this. it’s because you’re probably more anxious when fighting someone than a non mobile opponent. doing it in training mode on a training dummy is a lot easier than doing it against a person. the only advice i can give is slow it down. if you have a training partner offline it also helps.


One word. RELAX! Really that’s it. Give it time and you execution will improve once you get more comfortable.

  1. Relax

  2. Start double tapping everything. With your index and middle finger. It will take some time to get used to but, it quenches the need for mashing. Double tapping can actually take you out of the habit imho. Give it a shot. :slight_smile:


I think the point was to practice combos in a pseudo-match situation (where there’s actual pressure), not to try to beat the CPU. It’s actually great the that CPU reacts so quickly when you want to practice combos because it will be easy to see where you’re dropping links (CPU always reacts with FA or Ultra). Balrog’s a good CPU opponent to practice things like Ryu’s c.lp … c.hk links, or c.mk hit-confirms into super. His dash punches are fairly random and you don’t know whether or not your attack is going to hit, whiff or be blocked, so it teaches you to remain calm under pressure but also to react very quickly when you need to. You can also practice cross-up combos against him because he’ll drop his guard randomly if you cross him up. And if you miss a link, he’ll do TAP and not Ultra so it’s less annoying to practice against him.


Yeah, but guess what Justin Wong plays mostly when he’s practicing SF4? Yep, the computer.

Source @ 7:00:

Playing the computer is not going to mess with your game.


I don’t really think he plays the computer so much as he uses training mode recording ability to test theories.

He has like 10 years experience playing the best possible competition though. He can make that work for himself because he has a really shrewd idea of what to look for in training mode and can apply it to real matches.

For new players they really should be focusing on the basics and just playing a lot. If you don’t quickly grasp that mashing does nothing for your game then you need to keep trying different things until eventually it clicks that your lack of coordination is harming your play a lot more than it is helping.


Sometimes I mash in sheer desperation. Some Zangief players mash, I like to sing it in a song.


Late one evening on a disturbing night,
A Zangief player, began to rise,
and suddenly, to my despise,

He did the lariat mash!
It was a Darksydephil smash!
It caught on with the scrubs in a flash!
He did the lariat mash!!


Another problem with mashing, that I have, is when I play offline. Because I’ll mash when I want EX legs to come out, or when I want to tech a throw, my friends know what’s coming and when. Often I’ll guess what he’s doing wrong and get thrown or eat a SRK. Rarely, I’ll mash just to get him to do what I hope he will, so I can punish the bajesus out of him for it.


The problem is your instinct right now is to mash. you need to turn that off first.

  1. Don’t do it unless you think it first. Every move you do should have a purpose and nothing should just be done randomly. Think out every move in your head and then do it, it will slow you down at first if you’re used to mashing but it will get much faster if you keep doing it
  • If you can’t think of anything DO NOTHING. This is going to get you losses at first but in the long run it will train you off of mashing when you get in a crunch. Do nothing, take the hit and figure out what you should have done there after the match and then do that intentionally when you get into that situation the next time.
  • Think at least one step ahead, people tend to mash when they get backed into a situation where they don’t know what to do. If you think ahead of your opponent and know there options to react to what you plan to do then you will know what to expect and have options of your own set up for when they do that.
  • Play the same person repeatedly. You want to get some kind of kind of comfort with your character find someone at around your skill level who play mostly 1 character and keep playing them until you can start to see whats they will do next. Once you can see and plan ahead against a person the mashing will go down considerably if not completely.


Wow guys. Thanks for all of the replies.

I’ve been in the training room for hours with Ryu. I’m new to SF in general, just picked up a fightstick and i’m getting used to it.

I’ve tried the double tapping, it helps out with the mashing part but kinda screws with the timing of some of the buttons.
I’ve been playing one person only and it’s been over xbl since we’re in different states…
And i’ve caught myself mashing buttons and have slowed myself down…

I guess the mashing gets worse since my playing partner mains akuma and he’s got those combos and links. It’s hard to guess what’s coming next and even when i get a jab or something in, i’m at a loss as to what to do next since i’m mashing jab…

On a side note, how can i get in close to akuma? I cant really win a fireball match because akuma has the shaku hadoken. When i jump over them, he comes at me with a hard kick. I make sure not to jump in close enough to get srkd… and i can’t FADC since they’re multiple fireballs…

any help would be appreciated.

and thank you guys for graciously answering my questions.


OP: Who do you play?

The answer of how to build momentum on Akuma is going to be completely different depending on who you use.

For example: If you use Ryu, you don’t want or even NEED to be right in his face. You can stalemate his fireball game with neutral jumps and fireballs of your own to prevent him from using the air fireball. Then with that strat, you can work on getting a life lead and forcing him to come into your footsie/dp range.

But if you play…say…cammy…you are going to have to really bob and weave through his meteor shower bullshit to get into a position where you can hurt him.