Button Measurments

ok so i need a little help. screw in buttons have a nut diameter of 36mm(these are sanwa btw) so my question is will screw in buttons fit with this layout

and if not will they fit with this one?

im a bit confused with this one. anybody who can help i would be very thankful of.

They should fit, but it might be a bit of a tight squeeze. The layout I used in my stick has the buttons slightly closer together and my screw-ins fit without issue, was a tight fit though.

Maybe better to use seimitsu screws to be on the safe side.

i was thinking about that but ive never used seimitsu butons so i cant really say that i will like the feel of them. i will probably give it a shot though.

hahaha i might not even use this layout =\

I dont think he means the buttons but the actual seimitsu nuts. I beileve the nuts are actually thinner than the sanwa ones.

I just did a little bit of math to check all your buttons for you, and the nuts will all fit as long as you move the bottom left button on the first diagram down by a millimeter. As things stand now, the bottom left button and the one to its right are 35.46 mm apart, they need to be 36 apart to fit a 36 mm nut.

this is exactly the thing i was looking for, cause my button layout is nearly the same, but i have one question aswell, how big should i drill the joystick hole, cause i’ll be putting a JLF-TP-8Y with a flat mounting plate on it, also how thick should i make my box if using this stick, the part im putting it in a box roughly about 2 1/2" tall and was wondering if it would fit

and this is for the first diagram? so the second will work?

I used a diagram similar to that, the nuts can fit (we’re talking typical sanwa screw ins right?), but you will have some trouble getting the nut on for lk, I had to put mine on upside down but hey, whatever works right?

Yes for the first diagram. And yes the second will work also, but no need to do that if you just move your light kick down a mm.

Yes, that’s what I guessed would be the problem in my last post. Move your light kick down a millimeter and it will all fit.

You may not even have to move your light kick down at all, if its only a mm, just sand the outside of the nut a little. That’s what I do whenever there are small conflicts, no need to move the layout is a couple seconds of sanding an unnoticeable component will fix it. Just mark where it touches, sand that part, and screw the button while holding the nut in place where it goes.

As already stated by TRNG, you can use Seimitsu 30mm nuts on Sanwa 30mm buttons. Seimitsu nuts have a diameter of 35mm. The exact Vewlix layout requires these nuts when using screw-ins. I have already used Seimitsu nuts on Sanwa buttons for 2 controllers I’ve made, one of which is in the build section of my site. I suggest the clear nuts because they look nice; I’ve already ordered about 30 of them from TRNG.

thanks Slagcoin!

are you doing anymore projects for your site? like new sticks? :smiley:

Yup, I have one done and seven others planned (some started). I just need to get some time and get to work. Some of them are pretty original, while a few are going to reflect some of the common designs. It’ll take a little while though because I also have to tend to updating a lot of the information elsewhere in the site.

I apologize for this hijak but how do I go about printing those layouts at the proper scale? I see it gives PPI but how do I use that to make it print properly? Like where do I change settings cuz every time I try and print amy of the layouts off slagcoin they are WAY too big.thanks in advance for any help.

Right-click the properties of the image and get the pixel count. Divide that pixel count by the PPI (like 2665 / 300PPI) to get the inches (convert to mm if you need to). Many image programs allow you to specific the exact width/height to print the image; specific the resulting inches (or mm) in printing it.

Is here anywhere else to order these since his shop is back down? I have had no luck in my searches on ModMan, GamingNow, LL or any other retailer.

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