Button microswitches

Hello. This may seem like a retarded post, but is it possible to replace the microswitches inside Hori buttons? I’m working on my friend’s Tekken stick (the model from japan with the Sanwa stick and Hori buttons) and I can’t seem to pull the microswitch out of the button. I’m also having the same problem with a SFAC stick. Thanks for the replies.

Yeah you can, I dunno what tool you’re supposed to use…seeing how I just bit (you read that right) both sides then pushed it out of the button.

I think the HRAP thread had a jap site that showed a guy playing around with a few methods of modding the hori buttons on a jap t5.

GOT IT!! I didn’t realise you had to actually take apart the whole button. I’m used to just pulling the microswitch straight out of happs. It was a little awkward biting the sides of the button, but I finally managed to get it. Thanks for the advice!