Button not working on a round 1 TE Stick


I need help with suggestions on how to fix my b button because it doesn’t register inputs anymore. I already tried changing the button and changing the quick disconnects to no avail.
Does anyone know what could it be causing the problem?


is anything else loose in the chain? check every connection. my start button came loose and it made the head set jack stop working.


If tried swapping the button to no avail then it could be the wire that goes to the block or the ground.if u tried swapping the button then I’d lay odds it’s a bad wire. Or worse a trace on the pcb.


I already tried swapping the buttons and it didn’t work.

I should have said on my first post that for some short periods of time the button will register inputs (a round or two), however 90% of the time the button doesn’t work at all.

How could I test if its a bad cable? or how could I fix it?


Try pushing down the jst connectors and the pin connections. most likely it’s loose. use a tiny flat blade screwdriver.