Button Plungers?


Here is my question I have a brawl stick that I am modding to a 6 button layout. I completely took out the last two buttons right off the layout my question is do I still need plungers? to cover the holes? so that someone doesn’t actually press through the artwork or anything.


You are confusing terms. A button “plunger” is the center part of a pushbutton that you press. It won’t do anything on its own, especially in a larger hole.

That being said, simply using the artwork to cover the hole will not be strong. You can get creative and fill in the hole from the back (gluing plastic, or welding in metal), but neither solution is that straightforward either way.
You best bet on a Brawlstick is to cut the holes for the 2 unused buttons in the artwork as usual, and put in hole plugs (which is the term you’re probably looking for) over them. You won’t get a flush/flat look if you’re thinking about putting the hole plugs underneath the artwork.


So basically -____- I lose more by trying to make a 6 button than a 8. I don’t want those extra 2 buttons. I’m thinking maybe laminating it might do the trick but I just don’t know.


I’m going to get these…


Why don’t you just use hole plugs?