Button problem from the stick?

Hey people, I bought a second hand 360 SE recently, it worked fine at first, but one of the button is no longer working when I played today, only records input when I press very hard or press deep into the key. I am thinking to switch to sanwa parts already, but wonder if the new buttons will actually solve this problem. So is this only the single button problem or something wrong with the circuit board?? thanks

Stock buttons are worse than shit. People have reported them breaking the first day of use.

Replacing them should fix your problem and you should never have the problem ever again (assuming you use quality parts such as Sanwa).

Also to test if it’s just the button you could swap the button with another and see if it’s the button or the input. In other words: if it’s the X button and you swap just the button, then X input now works and the one you swapped with doesnt then it is for sure the button and not the PCB.