Button problem. Pls help!

Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum and SF4, and thought this might be the best place to ask for advice.

I just bought a custom stick, but there’s a problem and it’s not practical to send it back for repairs.

The R1 and R2 buttons are synchronised, meaning hitting either one and both will respond. I have opened the case and the wire connections look alright.

Eg at configuration I set R1=lp and R2=lk.
Hitting either one=throw.

What’s wrong? Where should I look? Please help!!!

The pics:

Can you post some pics of the pcb? Does each button have 2 seperate wires to the pcb, or possibly share a common ground?

What kind of stick is this? Do you have a pic of the pcb? You could be short to ground, check for stray wires crossing each other. What kind of button? Happ or Sanwa. And no problem welcome to srk.

hmm…Maybe the signal wire is daisy chained or something…

Thanks guys! All buttons from Sanwa. Each button has a red wire direct to PCB. And a black wire starting from the PCB, chains all the buttons, and ends at the PCB. No stray wires seen.

Do you have a flickr account? Or you can upload them to an image hosting site like imageshack.us.

Pics added. Thanks jdc. This is actually a custom stick.
I guess I’m really unlucky to get this problem with my 1st stick.
Any insight?

These things happen, not all is lost.

The second image, can you take a close picture of the orange wires, it will be hard to see through the hot glue but might help to have a really close look at them.


it is likely that the solder connections behind the blob of hot glue are crossing, in which case you just need to resolder those two connections.

If you look around you’ll find info on how to remove hot glue using common things like hair dryers and such so the glue isn’t a problem

Also, do you have access to a soldering iron and basic electronic modding gear (wire cutters, solder, multi-meter)?

I did a search on the glue removal. It’s no problem.

Resoldering will be headache cos of the lack of gear. I’ll need to source around first.

Thanks derx.

did you ask the builder if it was tested before sending out?

I’d look real close at the 2 orange wires on the complete left. You can even try bending them back closer to straight to see if that helps. Check both sides of the board and wipe it down with alcohol if you need to.

You can also grab a toothpick(or fine metal pick) to probe inside the plastic connector a little.

no problem, let us know how it goes or if you have any problem looking into it. :slight_smile: