Button rapid fire thing

Im not sure what to call it, but you know when you hold down a button and it quickly presses down, releases and then repeats? So when youre playing shooters you can just hold down the button and a stream of bullets will flow. Well for some reason one of my buttons won’t do that. It just reads as my pressing the button once and either holding it down or releasing it (either way, only action happens). How do I fix this? Also, is there a way to change it so it wont read as press and release?

Does anyone know what buttons and stick the Tekken 6 machines use? I was playing SFIV on them and they feel really nice.

What controller are you working with? It’s most likely a PCB problem, but yea. Let us know what controller/joystick you’re using.

Tekken 6/SF4 setups use Sanwa JLFs and Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons

Im using a Mayflash Stick PCB.

And thats weird. I use a JLF and OBSF-30 buttons but they feel different.

It’s possible that the turbo function of your PCB died (at least, for that button). Maybe pics will help?

Their parts have probably seen a lot more play time + mashers, so the parts are probably more worn in. Does the arcade have shaft covers? Does your stick have shaft covers?


Thats a pic of the insides. And I havent had it that long, only a few months.

And yeah my stick has shaft covers. But its the buttons Im more focused on. The sticks feel the same but their buttons feel better than mine, probably due to the fact of being worn in.

I think he was referring to a picture of your PCB for the controller (not the stick). In order to have rapid fire you need a specific controller, such as a modified or Turbo controller that allows your to rapid fire. People use these for single shot weapons to make them fully automatic.

I guess another question would be if you used to have rapid fire on your controller?

Im not sure what you mean by controller as that is the stock PCB. I dont use a controller (the stick is a PC stick). And its always had rapid fire except for the 1 or 2 buttons in question.

I can’t tell anything from here =. My guess is that something died. Odd that it only died for 1 button though.