Button Size?

Hi guys, I was asked by a friend of mine what size were his buttons because he wants to order some sanwas for his stick. I told him to send me a pic of his stick and this is what he sent me:

Does anybody know what kind of stick this is or more importantly what size are the buttons for this thing? He told me that he bought it in Hong Kong some time ago and its dual mod. This is all of the info I have. I know its not much to go off of, but any help would be appreciated. Tnx guys ^^

Its ether an PS2/Game Cube Era Hori or a Knock off judging just by the case shape and design.
As Hori never had a SF IV license I am willing to say this is a Knock off. Buttons can be anywhere from 28mm to 33mm.
The size is not referring to the size of the out side rim but the size of the hole the button physically takes.

So for Sanwa Buttons I am willing to go on a limb and say 30mm. If the holes are too small/ snug some sanding can widen those holes.
24mm buttons will be too small.

I was also wondering, what does the tail end of that cable looks like, I wonder if is both a USB and and a PS2 end coming from the same cable?

I spoke to my friend and he said that the stick is not a hori. He said there was no brand name that he could see, so i think that its a knock-off. He told me that the tip has ps2/usb. Not sure how much more this info would help but that’s all I got for now.

Never say never Hori had the SFIV licence in Japan I would think you would know that, being as you have a sticked thread for helping people decide on which joystick they should purchase

Okay smart ass, you try to compile a working list of every modern arcade stick with limited resources and you tell me how would you fair.

I just by the way done a google search of Hori Street Fighter IV sticks.
These are the results


They look nothing like OP’s Stick. Any ways Hori had stopped using that case design about round the time the Game Cube went out of production.

Everything else I found ether pointed to a Non Street Fighter Hori, a Mad Catz Stick or a Mod or Custom.

I thought your reason is because it is Limited and/or Game Licensed.
You said so yourself in the Thread that you leave those out.
So it is not that you did not know HRAP SFIV exist right?

As for making a List of Arcade Sticks.
Not a problem for me.

And if I needed, I have access to MarkMan.

well just don’t speak in absolutes I agree the OP’s Stick is a knock-off but don’t put out false info just to get your point across The thread is viewed by many false info is false info and can cause confusion You don’t have to know everything about all arcade sticks a google search works wonders to verify
I would fair as well as anyone if I don’t know something I don’t put it out as fact

I had someone give me one of those sticks for free to test it out and examine it to see how easy it is to mod it and such.
Stick is garbage.

anyway if I recall recorrectly the button holes are smaller than 30mm because I couldnt fit a sanwa button in off the bat.

Your friend would be better off to actually remove 1 button (if possible) and measure the hole.
This might not be possible because the buttons are likely soldered to the PCB and to remove one you have to desolder the PCB from all the buttons.
If the hole measures about 1 3/16 in then it is good for 30mm sanwa obsfs. If they are 1 1/8 then you might need to find some hori ex2 buttons and put sanwa switches in them or something.

Tnx, i’ll have him do that if he can, otherwise i’m going to recommend him to just keep using it until it dies, then he can get a te or something higher quality.

You know what, what ever. Seriously this " false info is false" statements are annoying as I never try to intentionally mislead people (at least on SRK, 4 Chan on the other hand is fair game). I try to be flat out honest, even to the point it often comes out brutal or rude as I don’t like sugar coating anything. I tell it how it is, or at least how I perceive it to be.

I honestly didn’t know the HRAP SFIV existed at all, I know about the Tekken, Soul Calibur, Arcana Heart and a bunch of other theme sticks, but until the U MvC 3 Stick I had no idea Hori ever dabbled in a Capcom game’s stick ever.

So excuse me if I get upset because people assume I should know something and I don’t.
Not like there some master list I have magical access too

Let me Guess Sand paper

Sounds like something you, I or some other listed modder would do, but do you think the OP’s friend is up to the task?

I didnt bother continuing to moddimg it to fit sanwas. I do know I def would of had to bust out my dremel.

Well I would of used my dremel regardless.

I may be reading this wrong, so is why I am typing back.
But you do not have to excuse anything to me, because I did not type my Post to be against you.

I seriously thought you did not include the HRAP SFIV in your Thread.
Because you specifically said you disregard Limited and Game Licensed.
So if you did know about it, it wouldn’t be on the list, being that it is Game Licensed.

I’m replying because you Quoted me.
But I don’t know if your response to the Quote is directed to me.
Or if it is to anyone who reads this Thread and see you are upset.

Actually, as I am typing this end of my Post, I’m thinking the response to Quote is not to me.
I am thinking the Quote is to go along with your response is for outside readers.
For them to know that you did not know, not that you did not include in List.

Internet is so hard to read.
I think it is my Asian.

If you omitted the “So excuse me if,” from the sentence, I would not have typed this Post.
I’m just trying to figure this out, I’m too Asian to comprehend! :sad:

Okay if you being Asian is your excuse? What is mine? I am a white guy living on the East Coast.

Basically your saying this stick isn’t worth the effort to mod unless your really bored and wanted to see if it could be done.

Maybe Crowns (Korean) buttons would fit?

Maybe. I told him that i would grab it from him tonight and take a look at it. I will post the results once its in my possession for everyone to know for future reference.

EDIT: I don’t have much experience with Korean buttons, but aren’t they 25-28mm?

I’m not going to argue about it but you get “annoyed” I get annoyed when someone who does’t understand what I’m saying If you dont know what your talking about dont elaboration on it or dont try to use it to prove a point even if the guy is new to the world of arcade sticks

Too much unnecessary drama in this thread.

You had me at hello.

BTW. I’m working on relaunching the arcade stick section on the SDTEKKEN site. It will have a complete listing (in depth) of every single retail arcade stick from PS1 era onward.