Button soldering problems

Just wiring some buttons right now, and ran into a problem.(not using daisy chains)

Wired up all the buttons and one is giving me a particular problem. it’s acting like its always pressed down,(when in reality its neutral), but in reality when I press it(it acts as if its neutral)

This is stupid I have no idea why its happening

Its a grounding problem guaranteed, no doubt, check all your connections, regardless of the daisy chain, it could be one of the signals, check your soldering etc.

what kind of buttons are these? Happs or japanese buttons. If its happs you may have hooked up the ground to the wrong place. Regaurdless, switch out the button and replace it with a button you know works correctly. If you have the same problem then you can rule out having a bad button and its most likely your wiring that is bad.

ok. i dunno there the buttons that came with the HSF3. im re wiring everytrhing now so if problems persist ill let you know