Button Sound Reaction - Cheating?

So my friend and I are playing AE, and I miss a sonic boom with guile and a light punch comes out, at the exact same second I press the button, my friend does his ultra, and because a light punch came out I was able to block it in time. My assumption was that the sound of me hitting the button on my arcade stick is what made him do his ultra.

I further tested this not only in AE, but in other games as well. Both the opponent and I are blocking and I randomly press a light attack and the other person reacts on the sound of the button press. I started realizing that I could abuse this because he was cheating, in that he was waiting to hear me do something before he tried to counter me. I would randomly hit buttons so he could waste ex/ultra/super, then go in for the attack, and it actually was working.

And today it happened again at a local arcade. I was playing against some guy, I missed a flash kick and the second I pressed the button for the kick he did an ex attack, and he was blocking right before that!

So my question is, is this a form of cheating? Reacting based on sound of a button hit on an arcade stick? Maybe it’s just at a subconscious level for some players. I notice that in a lot of tournaments happening now, the 2 players with their arcade sticks are right next to each other and they can clearly hear the buttons being pressed. Maybe what we think is godly visual reaction is actually sound reaction!

Anyone encounter this before?

I press a button on the arcade stick, and my opponent responds based on the sound the button makes on the arcade stick, as is hes waiting for me to press a button then ultras me based on sound reaction. Is this cheating?

its not cheating, why would be?

It’s not cheating at all its apart of the whole game even if he looked at your hands holding down back and knew you were going to do some kinda charge move its all legal. It’s not like you can get a quieter controller(fight stick). Either you guys should away from each other while playing or you need to play more mind games

deal with it

We had this topic a year ago after Justin vs Gamerbee at EVO

It’s not cheating

Reacting to button presses is what makes a player good.

Faking out the opponent with non-assigned buttons makes a good player great.

Anyone old enough to have played CvS2 will remember listening for that piano’ed RC electricity. How is this even a topic for debate?

tbh I think this shit is pretty wack. Always seems kinda budge when tournaments have players play side by side

On the other hand: Big tournaments are usually pretty loud, aren’t they?
Is it possible to hear all of the buttons from your opponent if he sits next to you?

I’ve seen it being used and used against people. I remember one time I was playing SSF4 with a friend a few months back and we were down to a close game. My friend has great reactions. So what I did was I pressed one of my buttons that wasn’t mapped to anything really hard and he Ultra’d as soon as the button was pressed. I was able to block because the button I pressed didn’t do anything. It can be used both ways. This kinda argument is about the same as screen looking in split-screen first person shooters. Play to win.

It’s commonly practiced. Not cheating. You can do it too (and you can use it to fake them out).



What a courteous question to ask. Only in the (mostly) post-arcade/online era would it even occur to someone (and/or you are an extraordinarily nice person for a FG player). When there was no online and it was all arcades, psyche-out stuff was really common. Some players would talk incessant trash or flinch their entire bodies in your peripheral vision or slap the area next to the buttons on the cabinet rather than any actual buttons, or yell during your combo, and so on. Any of those things might get you to “react” to something that doesn’t actually exist, or to screw up something you’re focusing on. A fun one was: if they’re doing something that requires prolonged, regular rhythm (like an infinite), tap the area around your buttons REALLY LOUD to match their button rhythm at first, then start making the noises off-rhythm. For things that took forever like a Storm or IM infinite in MvC2, this could actually get certain types of players to screw up with amusing consistency. Some people are a lot more dependent on sounds than others.

even though light travels faster than sound, the brain processes sound faster. So to get the fastest reaction time possible, its always faster to react off a sound. For the record, this has been more of an American trick because of how are cabs are setup compared to the Japanese h2h cabs.

As mentioned above, this is more of an arcade\in person tactic. The online era doesn’t have the luxury of using a trick like this. Also, not every tournament match is going to be SUPER loud. It just doesn’t work like that so to some extent, you can use this trick @ every tournament you attend given the right opportunity. Its really hard to bank on it consistently because the further you make it in a tournament, the more likely its going to louder and louder as you play which negates the sound of the button inputs.

Lastly, there is a HUGE counter to listening for inputs and its getting your friends to yell alk shit right into your opponents ear. If you can be obnoxious enough, most people get fed up with the trash talk and its all they can listen to. It totally breaks their focus when they try to listen for inputs because they have to listen to that crap @ the exact same time. its incredibly easy to counter.

If that mother fucker is listening for inputs, he’s going to hear my mouth too.

This is why i’m getting a supergun with TWO video outs. Head to head > side by side anyday.

(I’ve taken a sneak peek at hands before to see if they were holding a charge during mash throws in ST though lol).

Tokido will fuck you up for sure if you rely on this. He presses random buttons loudly and hits the shoulder buttons to throw you off.

Lots of players do this though.

and he fucks you up if you don’t try to trhow him off yourself as well lol.

After a cabinet malfunction at stunfest 2010 we had to play our ST match on a side by side cab and after our match he came up to me saying he heard what I was trying to do and countered it.

cheating? even if you decided it was, how could you possibly enforce it? stupid.

I remember reading back in SF2 players would come in with shoe boxes that they would put over their side of the arcade control panel in an attempt to disguse what they were planning on doing. In the end though it didn’t matter, Jeff Schaeffer kicked their asses anyway.

If your that concerned about it why not do something similar? Or switch to pad, the other player can’t hear what your pressing if your playing on pad.

Interesting responses. Guess I’ll continue to fake out people by pressing random buttons. Though, I’m glad at one arcade here (white tower) they have the machines separated so the opponent you’re playing is across the room lol. I guess it does change how you play, but it doesn’t look like (or sound like) its cheating.

Its just interesting to know how and if people have actually won tournaments by listening to what their opponent is doing, like one person said in this thread that Tokido could hear everything he was doing.