Button squeeking

Hi have a seimitsue clear button that is squeeking. Less than a week old. It’s only one out of six that is doing this however.

Is it something that will break in after a while? Should I apply some dw40 to it, or open it up and apply dw40? Any associated risks to doing that?

Anyone have this same problem with seimitsu clears?

no wd40 on plastic, that will break your buttons. Find a plastic friendly lubricant at a hardware store, or disassemble to button to check out why its making the noise.

whatever you do though no wd40

I’d imagine that it would break in eventually

I Wouldn’t suggest using any type of lubricant

a) its gonna make a mess
b) it will attract dust
c) its going to cause slight friction between the body and the plunger

I’d open it up. There may be dirt in there. Dirt or dust usually causes plastic squeaking. Either that or it was a factory lemon and is misshapen.

Seconded. I agree with the post below that one too. Open the button up and check for gunk. Either it’s gunked up or just needs to be broken in. So this isn’t a completely worthless me too post, I’ll add that you should check the plunger and housing for a messy parting line. If you find that you should trim it down with an xacto knife.

from my experience squeaky buttons usually tend to stop squeaking on their own after a while.

Thanks for all the feedback. I will try to open it up without destroying it.