Button / Stick Mashing

I’m really tired of button mashing in tight situations. For example when I wake up as Akuma I’ll constantly move the stick in uppercut combo but it sometimes will fireball or vise versa in situations where I want to projectile but end up uppercutting.

I want to get use to using clean combos but its sooooo hard to do on the 360 remote. I’ve tried using the D-pad but I’m forced into the stick. I’ve got a arcade stick on the way as I figured that’s the way to learn it.

Any tips?

Arcade sticks are quite different, and your input on them is much cleaner anyway - I would just wait for your stick to arrive, and when it does you will have to spend a while retraining yourself to use this new input device so as long as you keep yourself aware of when you’re mashing on the stick you should be able to make sure you never get in to this habbit on it.