Button Sticking - Root Cause?

Hi Everyone,

Nub here, I have some questions regarding my fight stick!

My medium button is sticking, and this is not the first time. I had already done the research on how to pop it out and clean it, but I wanted to make a thread to ask some questions because some circumstances, and I want to learn how to prevent it to begin with?

I have an Eightarc Fusion (Synthesis), which I believe has Sanwa buttons. Please note I wash my hands before using it every time, though I do sweat quite a bit during intense play or training. The weird thing about it is, it’s always the medium button that sticks! It’s certainly not my most pressed button, in fact it may be the least used other than assists. What’s even more perplexing is, both times that I cleaned out the buttons in previous incidents, I swapped them out for different buttons. From that I am inferring I must be doing something that’s causing this specific button placed in the Medium button socket to stick, independent of the actual button itself.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before? I can’t seem to find anything in the threads. Hopefully someone can help me out. Thank you for your time!

One of two things I can think of… But first of all, this should be in the tech forum, not in the newbie dojo.

Idea 1. The switch on the button casing or “rim” of the button isn’t held in properly, so when the plunger is hitting it, it might be on a slight angle and getting stuck. This can be resolved by fixing the position of the switch, or if the case/rim itself is damaged replacing that piece.

Idea 2. A wire (or something else inside) is somehow interfering with the small hole (one or both) in the case/rim of the button. It’s where the plunger locks into the casing. So if a wire is stuck in there or something like that, it could be preventing the button from moving smoothly.

Last tossup idea - the case of the stick itself is bad, and that particular button hole is too small, causing too much pressure around the rim of the button, preventing the plunger to rise and fall properly.

Well, cleaning the button actually fixes it for a while, but it starts doing it again a few weeks later every time so far. I’ll try to take a closer look and see if it might be any of the things you listed above, thanks so much!


Grime and sweat can actually collect inside the button. Do you know how to actually open the button up by pushing in the sides? Pop it open and see if there’s a dirt-like substance. Natural oils on your skin rub off into the metal and plastic.

Probably just a defective button. My latest stick probably has some 1000+ hours of play and never had such a problem. I had some electrical issues on some of my previous sticks but never had my buttons get stuck. Your best bet would probably be to buy a new button, shouldn’t cost you more than 2-3 bucks and will save you a lot of troubles.

Yes, I have already cleaned it again, and it is functioning normally again. However, based on the current trend, it will start happening again in a few weeks.

As I stated above, I have swapped buttons that are fine and this still happens. In other words, the former Medium button would work fine as L2 (just i.e.), but the L2 button that is now Medium will end up with the same problem. And since after cleaning it stays functional for a few weeks, I’m not too sure this is a problem with the integrity of the button itself?

That said, I think there’s a problem with your case. Either there’s something inside interfering with it like a stray wire or the case is just SLIGHTLY too small, so even if a small bit of dust gets in, it goes ham and overreacts to it.

Sounds most probable, I will see if I can get someone to look at the case and wiring. Thank you!