Button Underlays

I tried searching and I checked the newb threads but came up short for an answer…

Can someone tell me which buttons to use and how to get the graphics underneath

like this:

Many thanks in advance



In order to have the artwork inside the button plunger you will need to use Seimitsu buttons.

The part number for the buttons used in the above picture is PS-14-KN (clear)


The PS-14-KN comes in various colors with a matching button plunger & bezel, both clear.

Seimitsu also sells the PS-14-GN-Clear which features a clear plunger but solid color bezel. The PS-14-GN is available in MANY colors and combinations.



Both the PS-14-KN and the PS-14-GN-Clear are screw in style 30mm buttons. If you want the smaller buttons. 24mm, Seimitsu offers the PS-14-DN-Clear which matches the PS-14-GN-Clear but is smaller.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Im new to stick building and I just recently came across this site. Glad I did because there seems to be much talent on board.


Look here.


awesome tutorial! thanks guys