Buttons activate sounds? :O

So me and my bro were trying to come up with cool ideas for a stick today, and we came up with the most retarded idea: having sounds come out of your stick when you press a button. Like, for example, if you play Honda on SF4/ST, you could jam jab to do 100hands while hearing “ATATATATATATATATA” come out of speakers hidden in the stick. Would this even be possible? :sweat: I mean come on, there’s LED lights on press mods… why not sounds? =p

Rip apart a little toy that makes sound when you press a button or pull on it or something and find the wire that goes to that button for the sound and wrap it around the arcade stick button.
Do your own sounds? I think you have to get a board with a chip on it with the stored sound and such. I’m sure you can find a wiring diagram on the net to do something like that.

You could probably do something pretty interesting with one of these.

“Get this key chain and become the ultimate street fighter!!”


Holy shit, that might work.