Buttons for a MadCatz Brawlstick?

So I was planning on buying a £150 MadCatz Arcade Stick but after reading the FAQ I have decided that getting a WWE (ugh) Brawlstick and swapping out the buttons/stick would be a cheaper option (this is going to be my first stick). I had a look around at buttons, and there are an overwhelming amount of different models from looking at it with eyes that aren’t fighstick savvy. Which button model would be best for a Brawlstick? (i see things such as err… SDM-20, OBSF-30, OBSN-30 and OBSF-24)

Also, those are the models I noted when I looked down the list, im most likely missing a big amount of the model types, so if the ones I noted above wouldnt be as good as other ones, please let me know.


P.S. If someone could tell me the best type of ball top stick to buy for the Brawlstick, that would be much appreciated <3

The 30mm size buttons will fit the brawlstick. In terms of modding, it’s the same as the SE Street Fighter stick (just with better stock parts). So the Sanwa OB (SN or SF or whatever you prefer in terms of snap or screw-in) -30 buttons will work.

Go ahead and get OBSF-30. OBSN-30 are a bit harder to work with, because of the size of Sanwa Nuts being so big. Not to mention, OBSF-30 snap in.

You can use any 30mm Seimitsu button, too, though.

As far as a joystick, it’s all a matter of preference. Any Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick will be great in quality, but they will all feel a little bit different. The favorite among the community is the Sanwa JLF.

OSBF-30 is the pushbutton you want. For the joystick, the Sanwa JLF is a straight swap for the stock stick in the SE. I personally prefer the Seimitsu LS-40-01 + SS Mounting Plate in my fightstick, if you want a slightly tighter stick with a short engage distance and throw.

Great to plan ahead, but my tip for the top: get used to the stick before you swap the parts.

That way, you’ll feel the difference when you switch up - it’s worth waiting for…

Thanks guys for the directions on what to buy, I know what Im getting for definite now. :smiley:

That makes sense, I will most definitly get used to the stick before switching up, I want to feel like my modifications actually matter haha, thanks :smiley:

I found the stock parts to be decent on their own. The proper sanwa stick is a little better though. Didn’t notice a difference with the buttons, they seem the same as official sanwa ones to me.

The Brawlstick/TvC sticks actually uses pretty good clones. But nothing beats genuine.