Buttons for BlazBlue


Simple question. Do you guys think that Sanwa are terrible for BlazBlue since you rest your fingers on the 4 buttons? So should Seimitsu work better?

I’ve never played this game or any like it.




How hard do you need to rest your fingers on the buttons anyway? It’s not that soft, from what I remember the one time I used it. I need to use mines more often.


Sanwa buttons are the ones used in the official BlazBlue cabinets.


I rest my fingers on my Sanwa buttons when I play sf4.


Ooookies. Sometimes I have a difficult time resting my fingers on em because they are so sensitive. I just wanted to see what other people thought.


Then you should just use Seimitsu buttons… there’s no need for you to use Sanwa buttons if they don’t work for just because they’re the official cabinet buttons. Use what is best for you, not the general public. No need to conform if you can’t perform well.


Unrelated, but RichL, I miss your Danvatar.


perhaps he’s thinking of a layout… 2 rows of 3, or 1 row of 4.

partly why i enjoy 8 buttons… i have a row of 4 that i’ll be using for BB.


lol ill put it back when i get home. just for you.


Fantastic! :lovin::lovin::wink: