Buttons Overly Sensitive?

Hey guys, so I finally got my first stick. I’m enjoying it besides the square gate-_-) But anywho back to my main point for making this. I bought a modded stick from a friend. The buttons on the stick seem to respond before the button is even fully pressed. It usual reads 2 two hits per push. Is there a way I can slow it down?

Most Japanese buttons are very sensitive. You’ll get use to it, or you could buy some different buttons. I’ve only used Sanwa parts (TE sticks and the like) but I’ve heard Seimitsu’s are a but stiffer. Though probably still very sensitive compared to what you may be use to (American parts?)

If you scroll down on that link there is a chart with button attributes.

Edit: You’ll get use to the gate as well. But again, if you want to swap it out for other gates it would be quite easy.

knowledge- It’s Your friend

read em prior to asking.

You can change the buttons to seimitsu buttons. They too are sensitive but a tad less than Sanwas. But in all honesty sensitive buttons are great for fighting games ;however, it is all personal preference.

Sanwa buttons are insanely sensitive and will throw you off if you are used to American (HAPP) buttons like I was. Sanwa is considered to be the standard for Japanese arcade parts with Seimitsu being in a very close second.

Arcade UFO here in Austin, TX uses Sanwa buttons and joysticks on all their machines.

I change my Sanwa buttons out for some Seimitsu ones and it’s a world of difference. Seimitsu feels just right for me. Thanks for your help guys.