Buttons randomly not working

Ok, out of the blue, I’ve started having this problem with 0.117/0.118.
At random intervals, my buttons will just stop responding. I can still move around, but that’s it. It lasts like 2 or 3 seconds and then goes back to normal.

I know Emil and others have had this problem. Did anyone ever find a solution?

For me, it’s even wierder.

My LP is switched with my HK suddenly, and it’s annoying.
When I try playing offline, it’s always 100% fine. When I play like 10 matches, the first 10 matches are fine, but afterwards, it gets a bit laggy, and the LP is randomly switched with HK for a while.

I have no idea how to solve it or what causes it unfortunately.

That’s probably just ghosting.
I’m talking about my buttons just dying on me basically. It happens offline now too.

Welcome to my world…although I was getting this problem wayy before. Still a mystery as to why it happens but it makes third strike unplayable.

Some observations…if I’m say, holding forward while this glitch occurs, my character will continue to move forward until it fixes. If I was holding no buttons, then when the glitch occurs, my characterw ill just stay idle ready to take a beating.

you guys are both on keyboards?

get a stick or pad :wgrin: