Buttons staying pushed in help!


I have completed my ps3 TE stick dual mod

The problem im having lies within the xbox side. When ever i turn it on, both the computer and my xbox recognize it fine however when i check the button schematics in windows it registers all the buttons being pressed.

for the button wiring i used the solderless trick. the ps3 buttons work flawlessly

any help would be greatly appreciated


Sounds like a ground issue.


do you have any suggestions?

should i change where i solder the ground?


Not sure what setup you’re running but I would check to see if you are some how keeping the buttons all grounded with whatever PCB you’re using for the 360 because that’s what it sounds like.


I am using the ps3 TE stick pcb and a madcatz 4716 pcb for the 360.

also for some weird reason, when i am on the 360 pcb the turbo LED for the cooresponding button will light up. i thought turbo functionality was not possible because it is not supported on the pcb. not sure if that gives you anymore insight as to what the problem is though.

do you have any other suggestions as to what i can try?


No, sorry I don’t. Never used a 360 PCB before, so I don’t know if you’re using a common ground or not but there is plenty of information on here. I would definitely check your ground(s) though.


the madcatz 4716 is common ground

thanks for the input


It sounds like you wired your buttons backwards to me. Wherever you ran your wires to tap in for the 360 is most likely the ground and not what you think it is.


you were right on the money pimp

it seems that i mounted the terminal upsidedown when i put it back into the case. i really appreciate it man



did that solve the turbo leds lighting up as well?

i did the same mod and the turbo leds are lighting up as well, but everything seems to be working perfectly. just a bit annoying to see this flickering dim light come on every time i push a button.


yeah it did fix it actually.

i have no idea why they would light up though


strange. lol im still trying to figure out what is causing the issue. im just glad it doesnt affect anything.


yeah lol, good luck with it