Buttons stop responding


I’ve noticed very rarely that some of my buttons will just stop responding half way through a match, now this doesn’t happen that often but when it does I feel like throwing my stick through my monitor, I can usually fix it by unplugging the stick then plugging it back in.

Is there anyway to avoid this happening? I can’t really express just how much it annoys me to have to throw a win away when it happens.


If the Arcade Stick is Xbox 360 TE, and the Buttons are RT and LT.
Then that is known issue, and there is no fix.


jdm, you keep saying that but there are several proposed fixes that have never been completely confirmed or denied.

  • Grounding the top and/or bottom panels
  • Toodle’s more thorough method
    My personal theory is that disconnecting the USB shield from the PCB is a good idea, but I then connected it to the bottom panel so it may not matter.


No one would test them.
I will keep saying the same thing.


Well maybe BulimicCannibal will :smiley:
If that’s even his problem…

I feel like the fixes may work, but no one has the trigger problems so regularly that they feel confident in endorsing them.