Buttons that are most simliar to Seimitsu PS-14-G?


Can anyone recommend me some buttons that are similar to the Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons? Those are some of my favorite buttons due to the “clacking” noise they made and I just like the way they feel. Just to let you know, I tried the PS-14-KN, and I wasn’t a fan of them at all.

It seems the PS-14-G buttons are discontinued or no one carries them anymore. I would appreciate if you guys could either recommend me a similar button type, or even better, point me to someone who still sells them. Thank you very much.


I agree with you they are some of my Favorites as well unfortunately only akihabarashop.jp and a few European shops carry them at the moment. but good news is me some others convinced Focus Attack to start carrying them and we were assured that he will have them in stock in the next few months:)


Buy them from Akishop. There is no substitute.


Thanks guys.


Love the 14-G buttons, aside from the sound, they’re super flat!


Newer SRK members have to understand that the Seimitsu parts are NOT as popular as Sanwa because a) more people have used Sanwa in the past few years; and b) Sanwa parts practically monopolize the whole competition-level joystick manufacturing industry!

There are occasional production runs of joysticks with Seimitsu parts (usually an exclusive HRAP SE; pretty much exclusive to Amazon-Japan after the HRAP V3/VX SA debuted) but those run in maybe a few hundred – very limited edition (500 or less… maybe). With the costs of importing any joystick from Eastern Asia, it’s generally cheaper to just remove and sell (online) your stock Sanwa parts from any production joystick and install store-bought Seimitsu parts from wherever you can find them. Thankfully, the Seimitsu joystick levers have become more popular alternatives to the Sanwa JLF which a LOT of us have problems with but the Seimitsu button line isn’t supported as well in the US/Canada; people generally stick with Sanwa pushbuttons or get the specialty Seimitsu buttons like the Skeleton editions for artwork and screw-on buttons in place of plug-in buttons. Seimitsu definitely has an edge on Sanwa in variety of 24/30mm buttons and a definite price edge with regards to transparent buttons.

Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY, is making anything like a production Seimitsu joystick. The company’s popularity peaked sometime during the 1990s when a FEW joysticks were manufactured with Seimitsu parts or Seimitsu knock-offs (Sega Saturn Twinstick, Konami Hyper Stick, some production Capcom CPS Fighter, Sega Saturn Virtua stick revised/“candy edition”) and since then Sanwa has dominated.

I know that Arcade Shock imported a limited number of Qanbas with Seimitsu parts (LS-32 control lever most likely, Skeleton buttons) but I don’t think they have sold out of them… The popularity level just isn’t there for a mass-production SE joystick.


I think he was just looking for PS-14-G buttons…


While I am thankful for such a detailed post, I do honestly wonder why you even bothered with it. I simply asked if anyone knew where I could buy some buttons, or if there were similar buttons. I didn’t ask anything about joysticks, people’s preferences, arcade parts history, or anything like that. A simple yes/no or shorthand answer would have sufficed.

I guess I’m happy that you felt the need to educate me or anyone else in general, but it probably wasn’t needed in a topic like this. In fact, I didn’t ask anything about history at all, so the fact that you spent most of that mini-essay detailing the history of Seimitsu HISTORY is a bit odd, and definitely not needed in this topic.

Though I might not be as well versed in the arcade parts community like yourself, I am at least somewhat aware of the levels of popularity between Sanwa and Seimitsu. I lived in Japan for 6 years, so I saw a lot of this popularity in arcades first hand. I guess what I’m really trying to figure out with my own mini-essay that I just typed out is the following: why in the world did you even post in this topic?


None of you have met GeorgeC?


You know what’s kind of funny? I bought a JLF off GeorgeC like 1.5 years ago via the Trading thread.

Other than that, I have had no experience with him on the forums. I assume this is his normal demeanor, and I should just ignore it if I decide to post another thread here.


Exactly, he loves going off on a tangent.


In George’s defense, everything he posts is interesting stuff that’s coherently written.


I didn’t mean my post to be offensive. I apologize to everyone if that’s what it read like. If anything, all I wanted to point out that he has a style, similar to jdm.

And yes, it usually is insightful.


I feel I’ll be eternally kicking myself for not getting some of those Navy Blue PS-14-G back when they were available. :frowning:

Edit: After making this post I search again just for the heck of it and found a selling on Ebay from the UK that actually had 6 buttons!


Nah, you are fine. I just feel the need to defend George because everyone gives him grief. Nothing you said was offensive.

We need a PS-14-G appreciation thread. I put them in every stick I touch.


I want to order them from Akihabarashop, but I can’t figure out if I need to order the microswitches also. I assume not, but I just want to make sure I get 8 complete buttons.

I asked about it in their shop thread, but no one has responded yet.


You guys need to hold out for Focus not that I don’t love Akihabarashop I really really do, I just don’t want all this pestering of Focus (I forget his name at the moment) to be for nothing

No its sold like all other buttons complete with switches


How long until they come to FocusAttack?


He said around august if I’m not mistaken


I’ll think about it. Honestly, I want the buttons ASAP, and my loyalty when it comes to purchases is to whoever has items in stock.