Buttons with more resistance?

I’m using a SFIV TE stick right now, and my major issue with it is that the springs for the buttons are so weak that I can’t rest my fingers on it even slightly without triggering them. I vaguely remember seeing -somewhere- that Seimitsu vaguely all have more resistance, but I can’t seem to find any specifics. Can anyone recommend a button with the strongest resistance that would also be a very simple replacement for the TE buttons?

You want 30mm seimitsu buttons with a model number beginning with ps-14.


The model number if the seimitsu buttons that are a direct replacemet are ps-14-g
Lizardlick doesn’t carry them but gamingnow.net does
They are a lot more stiff (but not hard to press), and you can rest your fingers on them

Hori buttons are stiff too and cheaper than Seimitsu.

Any 30mm Seimitsu Button can replace the stock Buttons directly.

U may also find the sanwa OBS-30A might meet your wish

Looks good. Do you have any idea how much more stiff they are? The description on Gamingnow says they only have “slightly stronger resistance”.

OBS-30A: read the description


Try a Semitsu PS-15, those are hard…

Seimitsu PS-15 have PS-14D Microswitches.
Which are Tokai Communication MM9-3.

Those are the same in all Seimitsu 24mm Buttons.
Also in Seimitsu PS-14-K, PS-14-P.

Yep. They’re also crap.