Buttons wont combo

i soldered on all the wires to a ps1 pcb for my stick but its really weird. some of the buttons dont combo and some buttons dont work at all if i change the configuration.

for example, in 3s, kens mp-hp chain combo doesnt work. mp and hp work individually but they wont combo into each other. also, when i reconfigure l1 and l2 to hp and hk from their original setting, the buttons wont work anymore.

for example. in mvc2. if i push l1 and l2 they will summon the assist but if i switch the buttons to a hp or hk the button will stop working completely.

whats going on?

thank you for your time


go into a game that will show you the inputs. CvS2 is great, VF4:Evo can work, and I think the Tekkens will as well.

I’m betting there is a wiring problem. One of the buttons is connected to ground and always being pressed.

Hey Raging I ran into the exact same problem for my first stick. I got myself 3 Sony PS1 pads just in case, and the first PCB I wired had issues similar to yours. I basically could not throw any fireball. I had to qcf, pause for a split second, then hit punch!

That faulty PCB looked like this :


So if yours looks like this, look no further I’d say.

I can’t tell which was which since my pads are dismantled now. But you might want to check the back near the serial number. Even if the serial is the same I noticed that some pads display a ‘M’ on the right, some have a ‘H’. Might be related to the PCB manufacturers - Hosiden and Mitsumi. One works, one does not…

Also the Hosiden use two grounds which eventually connect in the middle, through the chip basically. The Mitsumis only have one running all around. I don’t see why this could be related, but it’s noticeable.

uh thanks for your replies. i resoldered the buttons and i got the square,x, triangle, and circle buttons to work. but r1/r2/l1/l2 still dont work.

even though the 4 primary buttons work they still dont combo. weirdest thing in the world.

i have this problem in arcades but never with pads. i can hardly ever combo, especially into supers but the buttons work fine individually. or when i do combo it happens a second after i pressed the buttons. i’ve only ever used 1 arcade in my life which felt perfect.