Should I set my button configuration to default?
I play a custom, easier to me layout.
I dont know if its cheap

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me please, i need answers and opinions :slight_smile:


If you play with the default setup, you’ll never have to change your buttons before a match when playing at a tourney or something, so that’s the advantage. Plus if there happens to be a SSF4 Cab in your area, you wouldn’t have to adjust to the default controls.


Default set up is way too hard for me ha


Well then you have your answer. You’re just going to have to change button setup if you ever go to a tourney or something, which people don’t have a problem with for the most part.

My friend has his buttons set so that they’re moved over one to the right, and he doesn’t use the first top and bottom buttons at all. He was allowed to change his button setup at the tourney’s we’ve gone to.


Whats hard about it and what do you want to change it to


do whatever you want. there’s always time for a button check. :stuck_out_tongue:


What about ssf4 arcade edition?
Can you change your button layout at an arcade?



(some rare rare exceptions, like KoF13, but in general, for Street Fighter, no.)


Ill just learn when it comes to the moment!