Buy booze poured over boobs


Id drink to this one. Although im not that impressed as you can eat sushi off a japanese lady in japan.


Sounds like a scam to me


Using boobs to sell alcohol?

I bet they thought they were being creative.


Sounds like a scam I should have thought of.

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Considering their target demographic, they were being clever.

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Im tempted to buy a bottle myself just to have one. I can imagine alot of ppl going for this.


They’re using boobs as part of the distilling process. Which means that it moves it from the trashy Budweiser commercial territory and straight into…SCIENCE!


not worth it.


booooo, who gives a fuck. only some losers would waste their timing buying this shit. if they said that the booze was mixed with the blood of a siberian tiger, fuck it id try it. cause clearly its going to give me super powers


Still doesn’t beat shitting out gold flakes.


All of the fun in getting a body shot, is actually getting a shot off of someone’s body. Nobody asked for the middle person to be taken out.


After checking this thread out, I’m glad that we are being kept abreast of the situation. Still, I think all the perky young things who buy this product just because the thought got them titillated are pathetically sad. I hope they see how silly it is and nip their interest on the bud before having jugs of this stuff flown in and UPS at the door banging on knockers. I mean you’d have to be a boob to fall for this cold and sharply directed marketing.

Still, it’s a hooter of a story.


Could you sell shitted gold?

I mean what karat would it be?


Buy one bottle just to sayI have it.


Yo dawg, i put a body in yo shot, so you can take a body shot while you body shot.


What about the ladies? They need some booze that has the sweat of a mans balls in it. No pictures…just make the bottle from a mold of the dudes cock n’ balls.


mm based on what sheen says about tiger blood you’ll just be smoking crack, but I guess you’ll think you have super powers!


I can just pour my vodka over my wife’s tits if I want…

Nipple shots > vodka that may or may not be poured over tits.


Can this be done with McDonald’s orange drink?


how about booze with cambodian breast milk?