Buy My Fighting Game Crap!


I am probably moving from Maine to Florida and I don’t play fighting games anymore so why would I haul all this shit with me.

Anyway here goes:

HRAP2SA - Purchased in Japan for $150, I will take 80+ship for it. Works on PS1/2
Street Fighter 4 PS3 Version- Japanese version, includes unopened SFIV Anime DVD. 35 plus ship seems fair as it is an import.

More to come as I dig it out.


pm sent


I’ll take the HRAP2-SA…like immediately…though I can’t wait to see the shipping price if you’re in Japan.


He’s in Maine according to his post.

Waiting to see what else pops up here.


Oh for the record I am in the US, I just can’t seem to change my location info for some stupid reason.


i have sent pm when u first posted .


Do you have any pictures???


HRAP2SA for that price is a STEAL. Good luck ya’ll.


Sent PM


So…can I buy that HRAP2 or what?


Anyone buy the HRAP2SA yet from the OP? I’m always in the market for PS2 sticks so if it’s still available I’ll buy it.


The HRAP is sold

Anybody want to buy SFIV? If not I am just going to throw it away.