Buying a 20gb 360 no HDMI

Would this affect the visuals of, lets say Street Fighter 4?

What I mean is… If I buy this Xbox 360 with no HDMI, and I have to connect everything through VGA, and not HDMI, would this affect the graphic and details?

I do have a HD TV by the way.

Just as long as you have your screen resolution set correctly through the Xbox dashboard, you won’t have any visual differences.

Yeah, HDMI is just for convenience.

Pick up up a VGA adapter.

Hell, I don’t have an HD TV, I just play shit up on a 19 inch SyncMaster at 1024xwhatev, and it looks amazing.

Does your HDTV not have component? Or do the older models of the 360 not have the ability to change between composite and component?

you’ll get no TV post-processing/scaling through VGA (no lag) IIRC.

VGA is analog, so there is a difference. Ideally you would keep the video signal digital through the whole path from Xbox 360 to display device. HDMI/DVI are better if you can do it, but in reality you will see negligible difference if you use component or VGA instead.

FWIW, I just bought an Xbox 360 Arcade solely for playing SFIV. It has 256mb of memory and comes with no harddrive, but costs only $200. I had to buy a $40 cable to hook it up though. After setting up XBL for SFIV I have 86mb free, so a harddrive is not needed to play SFIV! I also plan on getting SF2HDR, and I am assuming sure that will also fit in my 86mb. If I ever do need a harddrive, they can be had for ~$30 on fleabay.

Get on that hard drive. HD Remix is 368MB.

Oh, damn. Thanks for pointing that out! Damn now I need a HDD. :smiley: Oh well, I still saved by going for the Xbox 360 Arcade version. :smiley:

Yea, when my 3rd box died, I saved the HDD and bought an arcade wtih a couple free games. Sold the games, and the box cost me like $130, which I made by selling the busted xbox! w00t!