Buying a 3S kit question


Say I wanna do 3S the real way and put together an arcade cab.

Would this include everything I need, minus the cab?

If not, can you point me in the right direction?

Also just wanna make sure, it seems like the Astro City/Versus City cabs are pretty popular choices for this game. So if I pick one of those up as well I should be good to go?

Also I know the battery on these things is a concern. From what I’ve read it sounds like you gotta find someone in Japan to send it to, they take it to the proper people over there, they recharge the battery and then you have your guy send it back. Is that basically how it works? And how often should I expect to go through that procedure?

That’s a bunch of questions! Obviously I’m pretty new to all this. I appreciate whatever answer any of you can give me.


Based on Ryan’s picture of his 3S board, looks like the only thing you’re missing is a cabinet.

Versus City cabs are the Japanese standard. Astro cabs are cheaper, but they’re side-to-side. Ultimately, it’s up to your preference and how much you’re willing to pay. Tougeki has particular parts which’s kinda become the 3S standard…I know it’s Sanwa stick with Seimitsu buttons, but if anyone remembers then take it away.


yo go make an account on forums

cabs and boards exist but you kind of need to find someone with one. they will also find you if they know you’re interested.


Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu stick, no?
I can’t remember of a cab (3s or not) with Seimitsu buttons (which i prefer by far).


…ugh, you’re right. Seimitsu stick and Sanwa buttons. I should’ve remembered this, considering the original HRAP had a Sanwa stick and I’ve been told what you said.


yea that is the cps3 board and cd drive. all thats needed to play. although that price is kinda steep. especially because you don’t know when the battery was changed last.

astro or versus or any type of cab is ok. its your personal choice. playing 2 players on a single jpn cabinet isnt fun imo. it doesnt capture the magic like h2h does. Also, youre constantly elbow fucking your opponent and its hard to see meters.

If you have any region besides Japanese and it dies, it used to be that you were 100% fucked. Now, I know there is some guy in canada who can bring it back to life but it will be the inferior asian version. I also heard there is a special cd now that you can stick in the drive, do a rewrite, and it will be american region. but i dont know much about that.

If you have the jpn region game, and it dies, youll have to find a middleman to send it to capcom jp to bring it back to life. If you change the battery maybe every 5 years i dont think it will die and youll never have to send it to japan at all. Do some research on cps3 and you should find out all the answers you need. theres plenty of other forums that are more specialized with coin op stuff.

if you want it to be the exact same as arcades in japan, its seimitsu ls32-01 sticks with sanwa snap in buttons. the perfect combo.


cool, thanks all. yeah I saw while I was researching and trying to figure this out. seems like it’d be worthwhile to post there. only potentially bad thing is that I live in Alaska so whoever I buy from I’m gonna have to have it shipped, which will end up be pretty expensive, even if the other guy is down to do it. I guess we’ll see how it goes!


Oh, so you can change the battery yourself and not worry about sending it to Japan? I was under the impression that you had to send it to Japan no matter what. That’d be pretty cool if it’s true.


yea you can change it yourself. my friend did it on his. Id be too scared to do it tho. one mistake and it dies.

too advanced for me


yeah if you’re not experienced in soldering you can find someone who knows what they’re doing probably. probably whoever you get a kit from knows how to do it anyway.

you can do it yourself but if something goes wrong youve got a dead security cart which sucks. cost like probably $250 or more to replace depending on what kind. us and jap are interchangeable. like you can have a us security cart and the japanese game will flash from cd onto it fine. burned cd works fine also.

everyone would prefer a 100% og setup but you do what you can with whats available in most cases. 100% japanese setup with all original stuff is p rare apparently. a US cart with japanese CD is more common i think (burned CD even)


Nah. You cannot change regions so easy. You can change version (old-new type) but region is still tricky and has only just been cracked by some French guy like last month. You need to download some cd he has to trick the game into changing regions.

I’ve heard that even if your cart is Japanese but shows signs that you opened it, capcom jp won’t even touch it.


Hey one good thing about 3sOE is that it’s making a lot of people realize just how sweet the real thing is and prompting folks to get their own set ups. Kinda sad irony though.

I’ve been looking into getting a CPS3 recently and found one on ebay from a guy in the UK. Just search CPS3 and you should see a pic of the 3s title screen next to videotronicsuk’s posting. It might be a bit cheaper than the one you listed. I saw that Coinopexpress listing and got a little nervous about random arcade parts companies based out of hong kong. Read a review of that site and it seemed a bit sketchy. But to be fair I don’t have loads of faith in the guy from the UK, just an alternative. When I get some more cash I’ll be off the the neo-geo forums to start searching.

Who knows, sooner or later the guy who is breaking the CPS3 might be able to revive dead carts soon. We can always hope!


the last part is prob true im sure but im pretty positive that you can switch jp/us cd/cart around. pretty positive thats the setup on the one we use in doylestown. jp burned disc, us security cart.


The disc contains the game version and the cart contains region. Thats why the discovery on darksofts blog is such a big deal. You can search around on the internet and youll see what im talking about.


yeah i was mixing two things at the same time. one being what i knew originally and the other being the recent developments because i got in contact with a guy who knows people who can do that whole process and so can make setups that dont need an original jp security cart.


Iirc its a bit easier to record matches from an egret than a versus city if that matters to you. No idea about astro city.


Egret 2 also has an easy to rotate monitor and has alot of room for your hands on the panel itself. Its my favorite cab by far.


do the ls 32s on the japanese cabs have shaft covers?


no shaft covers. just a default ls 32.


Hey fellas i’ve been interested in getting one too, while it’s still remotely possible to get one with a working battery. Anyway I was wondering about the various versions and if any/which ones are capable of being fixed by flashing/burned CDs and what are permanent.

So 1) is it possible to buy a version B (or whatever the one with the fixed unblockables is called), then fix it back to version A?
2) What are the differences between the ‘saved’ asian version and the japanese version, I heard there’s no character voices or something along those lines?
3) I can’t imagine there is a way given the cartridge case and all, but is there any way of telling just by a picture whether it’s a ‘saved’ version or not since whenever i’ve seen these sold people don’t tend to provide a lot of info?

I’ve read that guy’s blog and it seems you could run any CPS3 game other than 2nd Impact if you reflash with his tool/move about SIMMs but it all had a lot of assumptions on the person reading it knowing how the whole flashing/burned CD process works, plus I’m not entirely sure what the spider is other than either an easily programmably cart or something he’s using to test something.

Thanks a lot for any help!