Buying a certain cable

So I guess I’ve been a little rough with my stick, and the cable that connected the Joystick to the PCB finally broke off. The cable I need is circled in red

If anybody is willing to sell me one, feel free to send me a PM.

If you have some soldering skills, just trim the cable off and solder it on the back side… Not that hard at all!

Really? Didn’t know that. xD
Well, I’ll go ask my friend to do it for me then, since I don’t have a soldering kit.

Eh… Doesn’t look like it’s solvable to soldering.
I’ll still buy one in anybody wants to sell/trade.
For now, I’ll offer a $20 PSN card if anybody’s interested. Either that or money.

Id love to take you up on that offer of the psn card but id be taking advantage of you. has them for like $5 :slight_smile:

Wow, now I feel really stupid… Thanks man.