Buying a console for SSFIV

That method always seems to lead to the condition: you’ll mainly be playing with your friends…when your/their system’s working, that is…

I would base my decision on system reliability and company history. Go with someone who didn’t rush a shoddy console out just to try to net some sales. It’s nice that they’ll replace it for free, but the situation shouldn’t have arisen that they would HAVE to, and it’s big inconvenience to the people who thought they bought something solid.

Although, if you’re looking to pirate next-gen games, can’t go wrong with microsoft.

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Don’t turn this into a console war thread. Ya’ll don’t want RC to be eyeing this if it gets that far.

cant go wrong with piracy, free games ftw. shit if i didnt hate ms with a passion id have bought myself a modded 3shitty.

My 360 died too many times and a friend got me a deal on s PS3 so I switched. Big mistake. There’s barely anyone playing on PSN (although that will probably change after SSF4 is released). It seems like the community remained on XBL while it just dwindled on PSN over time. That being said, since you’re part of this site its pretty easy to post up your tags and get some good games going with some people actually dedicated to the game.

Flip a coin. Live with your decision.

please dont buy a console for a stupid game like sf4.

buy a ps2 and play cvs2 or something

You should just save your money. You should buy a new grill or something. Summer is right around the corner.

Save a little more and this bad boy could be yours.|50126|115|79306&N=4035237&Mo=5&pos=1&No=4&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=79306&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC28055-Cat115&topnav=

I’ve decided i’m just going to get whatever i can get a better deal on, but one thing will the arcade Xbox 360 play it fine? i remember a while ago my friend said you need a hard drive to play games? that doesn’t make much sense really because nobody would buy it… but i just want to double check to be safe.

Yeah, you’re right. Leigh don’t play.

You can connect any USB hard drive to your 360 so it’s a moot point now imo.

Both have their strong points.

The 360 has better online and more players.

The PS3 is more durable/less laggy and the system of choice for offline sessions.

Why not buy both?

i agree. I ended up buying both, and although ps3 has more of my friends since i had it the longest, i must say the lag and player pool is better on xbox. IF you can’t afford both, i would say xbox off the sheer ease it is to find ppl. But once you build your friend list on either system, shouldn’t be so hard.

Buy it for whatever systems your friends have. That makes logical sense, if you dont have any friends with next gen consoles, most likely get it for xbox if you dont mind paying for xbox live, the online community is more robust. PSN is free just not as big as the xbox live community is.

If another mod wants to unlock this thread be my guest. But i already see a shitstorm coming and im stopping it now. 90%+ of the people on srk are not mature enough to have something like a multi-console discussion without getting out of hand as history shows.