Buying a fighstick from another region?


Hey guys, simple question. I’ve been playing fighting games for a few months now and wanted to pick up a serious fightstick. I play mostly on ps3 but also have a ps4 so I would like to get something that’s future secure. This led me to the Hori RAP v4 that’s ps3/ps4 compatible. It’s listed for an NA release at Amazon on Oct. 22nd. I don’t really want to wait that long and the other option of the USF4 TE2 has an NA release of “late November”.

so my question is: is there a difference between buying a Hori RAP v4 from Japan right now and using it versus waiting for the official NA release? I’d spend a little more for shipping and what not but it’s worth saving a month to me.

I’m also open to criticism on the choice of stick. Thanks!


I got the Hori Rap V4 a few months back, it is a good stick.
Some issues with the cable compartment door but the Joystick and buttons are good.
Plus its not hard to mod.

Factor in it take like 4 weeks for shipment from Asia, you may as well wait as the NA release is so close.


Thanks for the response. And just to clarify, there are no compatibility issues when buying a stick from another region?


No, absolutely no. The only compatibility issues that apply are with games and not peripherals.


stick is region locked, will be refused entry at customs


Sony consoles been region free since the PS3, the only thing that Region locked is the PSN download content, and there ways to get around that.
But you need that region’s pre-paid card.

I never heard of region locked controllers before


He’s joking :slight_smile:


Just offering my two cents on this matter.

It is always best to purchase within your region when you can. In the event that there is a defect or a return needs to be made, you will be happy you did.