Buying a new laptop. What specs should i look for?


I’m mostly going to use it for heavy web browsing, stream to twitch with a external capture device, and minimal video editing. Basically, capture, trim and upload it to YouTube. No special effects are anything technical.


What your budget looks like?
At the minimum you want a laptop with a dedicated graphics module, preferably one you could upgrade in the future.

If money no object here a list of laptops that are currently recommend
Lenovo Y50 UHD
HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display
ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS71 Video Editing Laptop
MSI GE70 Apache Pro-681 Laptop
ASUS Zenbook UX303LN-DB71T
MSI G Series GS60 Ghost Pro-052
ASUS N550JX-DS74T Touchscreen Laptop

Except for the Apple MacBook Pro everything else is Windows 8 or 8.1 although do not be surprise if they come with Windows 10 instead.
Regardless what you get, you will want to invest in a external Hard Drive for file storage.


Budget is around $650


Ouch. That makes it tough

I think this would be your best deal its 33% off. List Price:$829.00 Sales Price:$553.49 + $8.17 shipping

If you don’t mind buying used, this just barely fits your budget but would be a better choice


Would you recommend the Asus f554la? The lack of full hd doesn’t bother me.


The lack of full 1080 HD is only the built in Display, it shouldn’t effect actual video recording, editing, streaming or uploading. For editing it might make your job harder as you are not seeing what your viewers are.
HD is define at minimum of 1280×720 (0.9 megapixels) or better known as 720p.


Any dedicated gpu will be better than an on-board graphics unit, as Dark said. So the second laptop he pointed out would be way better than that Asus. Mind you, while cpu and gpu doesn’t actually affect video quality, it helps alot when adding effects etc. So the question is, how minimal is minimal?


It also effects rendering time for videos and live streaming


This is true, I forgot he was twitching too. Yea bud, get a good laptop


wouldnt a desktop pc and for mobile surfing at home a aditional cheap tablet be a better solution with which you get more out of your budget…hardware wise.


If your budget is $650, it’s almost impossible to get a good streaming machine. If you are going to stream out of a laptop your budget will have to look closer to $1200-$1500.

Now I see you mentioned the possibility of a desktop PC, that would be the best scenario for streaming, as you can buy some components now and upgrade them later. Budget size? Still about $1000 without peripherals.

For the longest time I had a lower end PC (AMD AM2+ based) that I upgraded to an AM3+ CPU and Motherboard (about a $300 investment). Gaming was great and multitasking was awesome, but at the moment I turned on Xsplit or OBS to stream either direct from PC or from an Elgato HD60 my performance just died. After trying to tweak settings and not getting any improvement I decided to splurge and upgrade to Intel, so I returned the AMD setup, payed ~$200 over the return (so the intel setup was about $500 CPU and MOBO ONLY) and now the machine does not even hiccup when gaming +streaming.

This is not an advertisement for either one of the brands, but the trend is that the more expensive your base setup is (MOBO+CPU+RAM+GPU) the better your performance will be. This is also slippery ground at best as the fanboys will be fanboys and flame wars are easy to start. There are newer AMD setups that handle streams better but that was after I went through all of the above.

Can it wait for your budget to grow?


So what’s a good pc would you recommend? First budget out the window, but with streaming and capturing still in mind.


You will need a decent processor, build in THIS BUILD will allow you to stream @1080p without issues.

This build sits now at the requirements you initially proposed, a powerful machine for streaming and light editing. Now, because some software will actually use a GPU for faster rendering/processing you might find that you need a GPU to do heavy editing, which in order to save some cash I did not add so if you are looking to do some heavy editing (or gaming) in the future you will need to add about $250+ to the build.

And that’s the magic of PCs, everything is modular so you can add it a month or six down the road if you need it.


If you can get a Lenovo Z50 I’d also vouch for it as solid for everything you mentioned.

I picked up one for $820 in Korea,

It’s actually cheaper for you in the States. This is basically my build, save for in black instead of white and silver on my laptop.