Buying a new monitor

Not sure if this is the place to ask, since I’m fairly new to shoryuken, but I guess its worth a try.

Background: Okay first off, I’m pretty oblivious to these kind of things. I know there are many options like contrast ratio, response time, resolutions, and etc but I’m not entirely sure of whats important or not. I have never really used widescreen as a gaming platform, and when I have I didn’t really like it but I hear its better than what I use now. My current monitor is a 22" VX2255wm LCD from Viewsonic:

It says its widescreen, but it doesn’t really seem like it to me. I like the current monitor because of its large resolution and its microphone is pretty good. However I feel like its time to upgrade.

Minimum requirements for new monitor: I have never experienced HDMI yet and I’ve always wanted to try so I am willing to put $200-$300 into my next monitor. For this next monitor I want at least:

-an Identical resolution as my previous one, 1680 x 1050
-HDMI input
-DVI input
-the ability to have my PS3 and PC connected to the same monitor, and can switch between the two by pressing a button. For my current monitor, I have to constantly switch the DVI cables and I don’t want to have to do that again.
-No lag

**Extra features that are not really top priority:

  • **microphone
  • webcam
  • an additional HDMI and DVI input
  • Preferably no built in speakers
  • USB drive

Expectations: I’m really only looking for advice and recommendations. Anything you say will probably be new information to me because I’m fairly new to shopping for monitors. Thanks guys.

Ever consider a KVM switch for the 2 DVI cables?
Not as elegant as a single button, but you do not have to swap cables.

Ever considered the ASUS VH236H, a.k.a. the Evo monitor in SRK.
Best lag free 23" Monitor in terms of Price vs Performance.

Yes it has speakers but no one uses them any ways.
The extras you mentioned are not there, but your better getting a mic and webcam on the side any ways.

Unfortunately they are currently sold out at Newegg (who have them on sale)

Yea I considered the ASUS VH236H as well, but like you said, it was lacking some features that I kind of want, so I’m still looking around for a complete package. but it still is at the top of my list, priority wise. I’m just waiting for it to get back in stock, or go on sale once again. I’ll have to look into what a KVM switch is, seems like its less of a hassle. Thanks for the reply

KVM switch is a device that allows 1 set of keyboard, mouse and monitor to be used with 2 computers

The display market is one where there is not a lot of unification going on in terms of features/design, so unless things have changed in the last year or so you’re probably going to have make some compromises. Multiple inputs are fairly common, but often come with poorly implemented scalers (important if you want to use something that isn’t 480p/720p/1080p and isn’t a PC). USB is common, but may only support USB 1.1 speeds (and almost definitely not USB 3.0). Nice case designs often contain crappy LCD panels, while quality panels are housed in ugly eyesores.

-DVI = HDMI. The signals are the same, all you need is a cheap passive adapter or cable to change between them.

-If the devices you want to use are all HDMI/DVI, consider a cheap HDMI switch instead. I have a passive 3-port automatic-switching model hooked up to a projector for switching between PC & PS3, it was about $25USD. You can get various numbers of ports and fancier models with remote control if desired.

-The currently favored LCD tech for better colors/viewing angles is IPS, but they are still quite a bit slower than common TN panels. So you’re going to have to decide which is more important to you, image quality or slightly less latency.

If you want a crash course on current tech/products check out TFT Central. Their articles and reviews are extremely informative.