Buying a new TV.... Need help (Plasma vs. LCD vs. DLP)


I am planning on buying a new HDTV and am trying to find out which technology is best for my conditions between a LCD, Plasma or DLP, and I am looking for a 50 inch + sized television.

The one I am considering getting the most right now is Plasma.

  • As far as motion lag and refresh rates goes, it is the best (I play a lot of video games, especially fighting games)

  • Superb picture

  • Reasonably priced for size.

A few things that worry me are.

  • I play A LOT of fighting games, which have constant life bars and timers at the top of the screen, which are the things that cause burn-in the most (consistent still images)

  • I dont have HD Cable and sometimes have to watch things in 4:3 format which has the black/gray bars on the sides (which can cause burn-in)

  • As of right now, I use my TV a lot. I am a very avid gamer and movie watcher and it seems Plasma’s may be best with a more “limited” use compared to LCD, for example.

The reason I ask here is because well, its a fighting game forum for the most part. So I am interested to see what TV choices you fellow fighting game lovers went with.

So, if any of you have a Plasma TV or have helpful input, I would greatly appreciate it, as I want this decision to have a lot of thought behind it since TV’s aint cheap!


for best picture quality get a samsung dlp, but that is expensive. If you want good pic quality and low price get a samsung DLP. Screw plasmas LCD’s are way better. The DLP will have the most display lag. The LCD will have some depending on which 1 you get and what it’s connected to.

I don’t have a definitive answer, but I just wanna say “huge balls” hasn’t a clue.

Huge Balls indeed hasn’t a clue.

Plasmas provide exceptional colour and contrast, and have no response delay. They’re well priced even in large sizes and 1080p resolutions. The down side is their relatively low light emittance - if you’re in a room that is subject to a lot of bright light, particularly direct sunlight, it may not be the best option. Burn-in isn’t something you have to worry about too much these days, as electronic engines are told to refresh pixels intermittently even if the picture hasn’t changed.

LCD’s are arguably slightly sharper, but colour is never as accurate. Expect images that seem blown-out and over-exposed. Another short-fall is blacks, as every pixel is always backlit. You’ll get grey-blacks or blue-blacks, unfortunately. Then there is the issue of response times. 6ms doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s most certainly noticable if you’re a visual-phile or enthusiast.

DLP suffers from the same response time and colour woes as LCD, despite being superior in most other areas. It’s a very young technology though, in comparison. Give it time to mature and drop in price before considering it.

My personal advice, as someone who has not only worked in the A/V industry but am a graphics designer by trade and an avid gamer, would be to buy a plasma. Pioneer being the first choice, Panasonic a second.

well I guess you guys are kinda correct, but I wouldn’t say I don’t have a clue. I just didn’t think this guy wanted to spend 7,000$ on a pioneer elite plasma. I have worked in the a/v industry aswell and I find LCD’s to be superior at the lower price points. Sorry if I gave bad advice. If you look at all the new arcade machines they use LCD’s so if plasma’s are way better why don’t they use them. For movies I’ll take a plasma all day but for gaming or pc I would prefer an LCD. just do some research, take your gaming rig into the store and try some tv’s out. Alot of this is personal preferance, what it’s being used for & how much money you want to spend.

Arcade machines use LCD because plasmas aren’t available in the sizes needed - you’re looking at a 42" minimum. And larger arcade machines are typically still based on rear projection technologies.

And you don’t need to spend $7000 on a plasma. You can get a 1080p Pioneer plasma, 50", for $4400 which includes delivery, installation and a 5 year warranty. As well as a choice of wall-mount or desk-stand.

Cheaper again is a 50" 1080p Panasonic plasma costs around the $2800 mark, or a Panasonic 42" 1080p plasma for $2000.

(Those prices are AUD, as that’s what I’m familiar with).

I apolagise. I didn’t know that the prices on plasma tv’s had dropped so much. When I was selling the a 50" pioneer elite plasma was 10,000$. Listen to recstyler he seems to have the most current and acurate info. I have a 40" LCD samsung for my tv, a 24" dell LCD for my pc, and a 24" benq for my arcade machine. So I guess I’m biased towards LCD’s. Good luck on your purchase.

Your best bet is to really research several sets and make the choice that will best suit your needs. Are you doing mainly gaming? Movies? What will be your viewing environment? These are all questions to ask. No technology is perfect. As someone who owns a DLP, I would tell you to stay away from that technology. It is the cheapest option, true, but you get what you pay for. Horrible viewing angles, significant input delay, rainbow effect(worst thing ever, if you can see it)

The newer samsung LCD’s are much improved with good black levels now. Blacks are inky black on my LN52A650 no blue or gray blacks here. Game mode takes away most input delay which is crucial to a fighting game. Great set really.

There are drawbacks to plasma. It is not the perfect display. I see green phosphor(sp) trails on those sets for instance. If money is not an issue, than look into the Pioneer. It’s the highest rated set. Just be sure to really study it in the showroom and make sure it does all the things you want it to. Burn in is not as much a problem but there is still image retention(IR) which can be annoying. So research. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Yeah, when I read huge balls’ first post, it was like completely opposite of everything correct.

Everything recstyler has said has pretty much confirmed everything I thought.

Has anyone ever got burn-in with the newer panny or pio’s playing fighting games? I know its less of a problem now, but still possible.

nice. thx for the price info too.

This is not quite true guys. According to this thread(Pioneer kuro owners thread) there is a small amount of delay. From 10-38ms(about 1-3 frames) response time from just quickly browsing through the thread. I would check the avsforums for better info than us fighting game fans. Almost all HDTV’s have some lag due to all the processing that goes on in these sets.

Ok it may have some but it is a fact that is has the least, compared to LCD and DLP.

10-38ms is completely incorrect for plasma. Modern LCD’s are only 6-8ms, and plasma is often less than 1ms, typically around 0.05ms - 3ms though. Virtually nothing.

You are confusing refresh rate with response times. I’m afraid there is a little more lag than that in most sets. The owners in the link in my previous post, have actually tested their Pioneer plasmas using proven reliable methods like [media=youtube]fnvRZplyISg"[/media]. I suggest you guys check out the avs forums and get reliable info. No disrespect to anyone in this thread.

Did you not read this?

I’m not quite sure how the numbers he mentioned would work as refresh rates but I definitely agree that they sound incorrect to me as delay.

I was under the impression that plasmas tend to be worse than LCD’s for delay. (In accordance, I thought this was why arcade cabs use LCD’s over plasmas.) Confirm/deny, anyone?

Also, do they make CRT HDTV’s at all anymore? Would there be any point in getting one?

Who are you speaking to? I did read it and laughed. It is a fact that generally plasmas have faster video response times than LCD, however, I can give examples of LCD’s that have close to 0ms video response time(again, not refresh rate, my LCD has a 4ms refresh rate but I gaurantee there is more input lag than 4ms!)

My point is that a lot of this stuff varies set to set. You can’t blanket all LCD’s and plasma’s into one group and claim they all have the exact same characteristics. Just research your set is what i’m trying to say.

No, unfortunately it’s you who are confusing refresh rate with response times.

Refresh rates are not measured in milliseconds, but hertz. Ie; 100Hz, 60Hz and 50Hz. An LCD has a refresh rate of 60-75Hz. New gen LCD TV’s have 100Hz, which artificially interpolate extra frames, creating a “smoother” image. A CRT can produce above 100Hz in some instances, but the standard PAL refresh rate is 50Hz.

CRT’s do not have a “response time”, where as LCD’s do (currently 4-8ms typically).

It’s a well known fact that the response time of a plasma is far less than any other flat panel technology. Refresh rate however is something different entirely.

I’ll chime in just to recommend the Pioneer Plasmas… I have a 50" at home, and it’s fucking fantastic. There actually IS a slight delay, so it’s not perfect for hooking up a console and playing some fighting games (ask AW, he’s been over and played on my screen.)

Of course, this could be due to my own setup and not inherent to the display, but just thought I’d mention it. However, for bluRay movies and HD cable, it’s fucking unbeatable. I’ve never seen a better looking picture - Pioneers are top tier.

there are 3 things to consider here. Refresh rate-- responce time–& display lag caused by the video processing. My samsun looks great but it has bad display lag. My benq has mediocre pic quality but almost 0 display lag. You must research and test extensivly before you make this big of a purchase.